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TOPIC: If you don't listen,.....

If you don't listen,..... 2 months 3 weeks ago #562

  • femina
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  • Karma: -1'll suffer. It is a platitude but nevertheless true. Though the world is waking up to what kind of evil it has fallen victim to, does that mean people listen? More do now, but the majority still does not, either being truly ignorant, or just not willing to. Christians probably have heard of the "The 7 Deadly Sins", ordered as: Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and, sloth. All of them are common behaviours of humans, but it was also fostered by the evil minds that have harbored their ill will as long as humans' awareness began climbing the ladder of evolution. The most atrocious offences against others are committed by pride that has been injured. Or look to where greed has lead us, or what lust does. It never brings the satisfaction it promises. Or envy, where grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. And gluttony? You have more sick people in the overfed civilization than elsewhere, and wrath slays anything standing in its way, or wrecks lives in persuit of revenge. But the most hideous of all is sloth. We all get corrupted by convenience to make our life less laborious. Then we get used to the trappings and feel doomed, when we have to do without. It never seems to have a downside. So we slowly succumb to the lure of "progress" that promises heaven, without us realizing, how we sell ourselves out to the wolves in sheep clothing. Mind you! It has nothing to do with religion, but all with our nature that can only thrive with a balanced attitude. Balance is the key for everything, us, the environment and, our inner most relationship with the spirit of creation itself.
At the present turmoil that we find ourselves in, and as sad as it leaves me, humans still don't grasp what is meant by listening to the "Word", though it is so simple, so universal and so logical. One can only presume, evolution made a mistake. Naturally, there is no such thing as an evolutionary mistake. It is just an opportunity, of Life taking shape. Some will endure and prosper, another will not and, some will reach a cross over point, which may or may not lead to something good. Sadly, humans had a great chance to truly evolve to a creature of a level not even grasped possible as yet. But AI (artificial intelligence) it is not! AI will not further us, it will outwit us, and all, who think AI can be controlled. AI may come closer to the awareness humans are actually after, the ultimate consciousness that is, but to think AI will help that endevour, is absurd. Ultimate consciousness must arise from within a human itself. It must be experienced, that is the essence of it. We need the feeling of the enlightenment within ourselves, since whatever is external, means nothing. Being not our own experience means understanding at best. But it is not the wholeness we seek. We need the feelings too, the texture, if you like. Our whole being has to be involved, all else is not the fulfilment we want to achieve. It means, the ones believing they can play God will not find satisfaction, and their fate is nothing but void, because, to experience the Divine is very different to thinking of being divine. Their actions say it all: They are not gardeners but mortician undertakers and grave diggers..I personally rather smell roses than formaldehyd..
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