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TOPIC: Every coin has 2 sides

Every coin has 2 sides 7 months 4 weeks ago #548

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Where there is light, there is darkness. Where there is good, there also is evil. Every human has a good and a bad side, but which he choses to live by is his choice. I never believed there could be people who truly shun the light. Now I know, they are like vampires, and real, no fairy tale. Over the last couple of years they came out of the shadows, disguised as good herders to fool the sheep, but their garb was lifted rather quickly, showing what they really are. If you still have doubt that pure evil can exist in a person then I recommend to listen to this man, Yuval Noah Harari, who is a professor of history in Israel and considered a prophet, at least for the top crop of the 'big reset', who try to grab total control over this world, including humans. What this guy says sounds like being out of a science fiction movie, but no, this is indeed his and his followers idealogy. Humans are, quote, hackable animals and in fact, who needs them, also quote. So! His point literally is to replace them with AI, and play God in this life, because when you are dead, you are gone and it obviously does not matter, what you did. With AI you can be God and can do as you please. Well, if you believe in God, you automatically believe in the Devil. But it does not matter what you believe, since humans have a free will and can decide what kind of person they want to be, a loving and caring one, or one, who only wants to rule over others and control everything. The latter need to enslave their fellow man for their own purpose and pleasure. Listen to this guy, I highly recommend it. It sure will open your eyes to the fact that pure evil can be expressed as personified evil. Nothing will ever be able to turn you back to your innocence. I wonder but how many people, following him, realize that they buy fake gold from the 'devil' himself, not realizing they need not buy hell, they already are in it. Can they ever escape the pain? Of course, - if they let in the light. But that is too big a challenge, cringing under the slightest ray and so they recoil. That is what you would call eternal agony. Fortunately, every coin has two sides. So chose wisely which side you want to be on.
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