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TOPIC: Excuses after excuses...

Excuses after excuses... 10 months 1 day ago #540

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Honestly, what a bucket of shit! There you hear about mass hysteria, the reasons why people cannot see the truth, the needs of caring for family, society, loved ones, young ones, wanting to do the right thing, belong, go for a cafe, travel..... blah blah blah. Just stop with all this stupid explanations of why people do nothing to stop the tyrants from enslaving them. They are complicit, as brutal, mean, inhumane, stupid, heartless as the tyrants. Whatever! I am so sick of all these excuses, because it all is totally simple: People cannot handle the truth, freedom, nor themselves. They pretend to care, but they don't. They look away from injustice, they do what serves them and may be worry a bit for the children by dragging them to get a poison shot, or not. But really, do they actually do anything to end the madness? No! They only want somebody else to do something to end the pain, but when it comes to them to contribute, they are not even willing to do their share. Honestly! There is no excuse. It is plain as: Every individual is responsible for his action, but that is too hard for most. These disgusting elites who own the world and want it all for themselves have it easy and they know it. With people who have only excuses to let injustice, abuse, torture, murder, hunger, wars happen, they truly can have the cake and eat it all by themselves. And why not! Since they have most of the folks on their side, who cares for the ones who really do understand and want to do what everyone should do, love, care, make this world a peaceful place where all can eat and prosper. But of course! They are doomed to say the least. So go ahead, you vultures, rip the carcas apart and then eat yourself, because that is what these kind of people will do. Destroy everything else first and when there is nothing left to destroy, they turn on each other. Honestly! I truly have enough of these foul excuses. I like vultures, but no, honestly, I want all other creatures too, not just one breed that can only feed on the dead.
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