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TOPIC: Fair dinkum, fair go, no go....

Fair dinkum, fair go, no go.... 10 months 4 weeks ago #518

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Once upon a time there was a country that prided itself to be fair dinkum because everyone had a chance of a fair go. Well, it was, or maybe it never was, because it certainly is gone now. It disappeared so quickly that one only can wonder, if it actually ever could have been. But what has replaced it is a disgrace to any society and shameful for anyone who accepts it. There is no excuse for a two class society, now matter for what reason, be it apartheid, Jews in Nazi Germany, heretics of the old world or any group of people that do not suit a community though they are no danger to it. Shaming, blaming, persecution should never ever be tolerated by anyone, at least not in a society who wants to be known as tolerant, humane and truly civilized. It includes forced medical treatment too, even if it comes through the "backdoor", because it is physical abuse, plain as. Laws were introduced after WW ll to prevent such thing from happening and, it was accepted by all democratic western societies, at least until now. Now it gets blatantly disregarded and overruled, supported even by new laws that are pushed through overnight without the public even knowing. To have a vaccination passport to allow you to live your life as it is your right is no badge of honor. It only makes a distinction, like they used to make between Jews and non-Jews in Nazi Germany, where Jews could be refused entry to common shops and places. Vaccs passports serve the same principle, it is just differently executed. Or in apartheid, where blacks are second class citizen being denied rights others have, because of the color of their skin. No matter what, no discrimination due to physical signs of illness or handicap or personal religious, life style or health choices has a place in a democracy. If you find people being punished only because of choices that do not suit the ideas of rulers and societal norms, what do you call such countries and such folks? Well, you call them uncivilized, dictatorships, fascists', Nazis, Human Rights Perpetrators and fanatics, when they take up weapons to enforce their will by brutal attacks and war, like the religious ones of past and modern times, Ask yourself why you would want military assistance to enforce law on citizens who don't obey orders regarding health issues? Health concerns should be addressed in the health care system and not be dealt with by government command! A state of emergency does not last 18 month! That is a chronic situation, no longer an emergency and emergency measures do not ever solve such problem. It only confirms, looking around me, Orwell's 1984 is well and truly no longer fiction. You read the paper, switch on TV, listen to officials and their obedient cronies and you constantly get bombarded with state propaganda that defies all rational and serves political agendas but never your health or well-being. How many infections, even with delta have you got and how many people died? Besides, no reporting of cases is worth the paper it is printed on either, because nowadays you don't die of heart attacks or whatever you usually die of. You die of corona, like it or not. And to top it all up, one cannot even leave such a country. Why? Nobody gives you any reasonable explanation for that. Who's business but is it if I want to leave, for business, family affairs or leisure, I ask? Causing no harm to the state by leaving, why is that considered a health issue? The state may not let me back in, which is now considered the "right thing" to do, so it would be my problem, wouldn't it? What a whole lot of mindless orders! Mind you! Anyone should be allowed to wear a mask, get vaccinated, etc., if they wish to do so. If someone wants to take precautions, good on them and that is welcome anytime. In fact that is in my eyes the only "right thing" to do, to take care of yourself the best way you can. But to force treatment, not even giving a choice what treatment, that is outrageous. And mind you, vaccination is not even a treatment either, since you are not sick. That is called abuse. And since when has the state a say in how I want to treat my body? I do not need anyone to tell me what is good or not good for me, even if I want to take risks,- it's my body not anyone else's. You say, I can put your life in danger? No, I don't. You can protect yourself as much as you can and like. If you want to live locked up forever, do it. I do not interfere with your choices, but I want mine to be regarded as valid as yours. And why does anyone need Quarantine centers? It's not Ebola, nor the plague. So, why not just call them concentration camps? Since no democracy is left in our new brave world, anything goes. And mind your neighbors, your friends and even your children, because they all want to do the "right thing"!
Does that ring a bell? If not, just read up on Nazi regime and what happened not long time ago. And don't give me that outcry on human rights transgressions in other countries! Clean up your country first before you shout! You hypocrites! .
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