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About ...Life and Human Species (3/3)

Veröffentlicht von am in General Ideas

Finally, we should at least touch the mental/spiritual category of Life, which is still veiled in mystery, foremost because technology fails to shine the light fully into it, yet. Thus, the scientific background for discussion is mostly theoretical and hypothetical, hardly able to substantiate claims and concepts with evidence as to what that kind of life is all about. Though there is no doubt it being part of our existence and the whole evolutionary process, the mental/spiritual evolution is only at the beginning and rudimentary at best. Never mind! Let us tease out the thread and, find out what is on offer.
Cognition and its constant expansion and adjustments help an organism to survive. It is fundamental, a pillar in the foundation of Life to begin with. It was never missing, just had a long way to go before it got recognized as part of existence. Its development is most profound in us the human kind, but we should never ever forget that it is as applicable and inevitable for all organisms. Despite not being realized as such, it is not justified to simply jump to conclusions in false pride. Humans neither have the means, nor the interest to find out, how, or what other species perceive of their existence. We still deny them, at least most do, to even have emotions, social bindings, dreams and, cognition of the higher order. We certainly do not think they could have existential thought. But a bigger brain is no measure of cognitive functioning, nor intelligence. It certainly is not the answer to consciousness either. Though humans had so far great success in the quest of survival, to the detriment of other creatures, we do not know nor really care to know, how to use our abilities constructively. Even now, since the mental/spiritual world is the realm of quantum physics, where nothing is what it seems and everything is possible, - we still have no clue what do with it, not yet at least.   
Anyway! With new methods in research new doors open, prodding new evolutionary growth that sure will significantly improve our mental capacity and consequently, spiritual comprehension. Interestingly, facts or truth (as in true facts), are hidden in religious texts and teachings, but nobody so far has bothered to untangle them from ages of distortions and misinterpretations to which intuitive knowledge is subjected to, pitifully so, but not surprising. Our comprehension of reality depends on experience and collected knowledge for the most part of it, which again depends on (generational) age, the time we had to collect it. It seems we lose the link to all reality when we are born so we can start to collect data anew. But data was collected from the very beginning of organic life. It is done in form of screening the new reality during the lifespan of an individual organism for its significance before being stored in the memory bank that is the DNA. Each time the DNA gets longer and longer, when new data is added with the purpose of passing on relevant information to the offspring. No important data, nothing is ever lost, but all information is filtered to prevent interference with an organism’s day to day functioning. Information is not confined to pure physical data, (like, for example, in foetal development gill slits point at the evolutionary path we once walked), we also inherit personality traits and even bad habits, which may turn into predisposing traits, for example alcoholism and, go right through to hereditary illnesses. What we need for our lives as a species and as an individual is stored in our genetic material for the better or for worse. All and everything, including us as an individual entity, we all evolve by constantly partaking in evolution itself. We participate in all processes, be that a metaphase or during transitions, where atoms are rearranged, and a new reality emerges, or be it a settled phase to let the new data sink in and take on a life on its own. At the beginning of our journey as an organism, first up, we must touch, feel, smell, because otherwise we have troubles to use and understand the world around us, like a baby that puts everything into its mouth to probe that what it has clutched, can be eaten.
The mental/spiritual evolution will be but faster than matter has taken to evolve. It is due to energy not carrying the weight of increased mass, which makes mass sure potent but less agile. Just consider how fast you can think compared to how fast you can run. The brain does not slow energy down as much as your body does. However, energy is and remains the life line, the “mover and shaker” of development. Our cognitive hardware (brain) and its astonishing functional capacities, have but only recently become more open to research with the improved technical advancements at hand. It is the new field of interest and equals space exploration, which also is a rather recent development, surpassing the time, when we were just star gazing and moon dancing.
The Penrose-Hameroff theory (1990) already suggests that consciousness may adhere to quantum mechanics law, a joined research effort by physicist Roger Penrose, who received a Nobel Prize for his work on black holes with Stuart Hameroff, an anaesthesiologist and psychologist; they postulated that consciousness originates, or at least arises from within neuronal microtubules on a quantum level inside neurons as opposed to common view to be the product of neuronal interaction. Their hypothesis is based on various scientific branch research, which also includes quantum information theory, another field of immense interest now and, its exciting work about information science and computing. Neurons, our brain matter, are known to have micro tubules to transport substances and are structured in a fractal pattern, which would, according to the theory, enable quantum processes to occur, performed by qubits based on oscillating dipoles which form superposed resonance rings throughout the lattices of the microtubules. The oscillations are either electric (charge separation), or magnetic (nuclear spin) and can occur in various frequency ranges (e.g.: giga-, mega-, and kilohertz). Fractals are in fact quite common in biological settings, (from plant vessels to our lungs etc.) and they do of course function within physics law too. The theory is not yet univocally accepted, but there is no doubt it eventually will. Mind you, this is only a snippet of how it works. Therefor we leave it to science to carry on, substantiating, disproving or, confirming the evidence.  
Information science is however an exciting new science branch. Very specific experimental work is done with the goal to utilize quantum physics. Progress is better than anyone not long ago would have expected and the results, particularly in the field of quantum computing, have already shown that the practical exploitation of quantum states can be achieved. It really is just a matter of time when the applications will be far reaching.
John Wheeler put great emphasis on the importance of information, but the significance of his conclusions has not been realized, at least not by many people. Though it sure benefits the mental/spiritual development of people who are inspired by his work, most miss out due to humans being usually more interested in exploitation than in personal growth, or sustainable progress. Mental/spiritual growth is hardly ever the agenda, and knowledge is hardly used to foster Life. Instead, it is used for the immediate satisfaction of hunger pains, always living in fear of not having or getting enough. It makes for a sinister outlook, since computer technology and information demand are constantly rising and energy is consumed like never before. It raises indeed big questions, like, how to handle energy consumption and the resulting imbalances in the energy equation, thermodynamically speaking. What consequences will it have on our overall existence? One interesting aspect of course is that energy itself is now the focus as the information medium  a n d  source, as the carrier of information  a n d  the fuel for the process, indeed, as the entire (information) system. It puts a big question mark on how much energy is actually available, and, if there is a cut-off point. Can energy be saved to keep going? After all, energy is not limitless available. Indeed, science tells us, the equation must be upheld. One way to ensure there is no such problem in the future, (energy availability), is the reduction of an ever-increasing world population, a most logical and feasible solution and it seems, some intelligence is already working towards this goal. Is that morally justified? No, of course not! But when power and lack of morals are companions, anything goes.
Let us recapitulate: In the beginning of our universe matter did not exist, thus, energy was the resource and the information carrier, which is consistent with energy’s dual state property in its quantum reality. BB, the miniscule point in time cannot contain matter, but as condensed energy it can harbor all the required information, which then was released in the immense energy outburst and the hyperinflation event and thus destined to unfold as the intrinsic pattern that would govern evolution, as and being the blue print itself.
Since evolution has progressed now to the point where the door to source (energy) and process is opened, this is an extraordinary milestone that we as the human species have reached. Intelligence has helped us to come that far, but intelligence is a tool, and the best tool is useless and sadly destructive, if you do not know how to handle it. Apart from that, the nature of our world is, consequently, dualistic, since it cannot be different to its source. Everywhere you look, everything you feel and all you know has two sides; there are the positive and negative charges of the inanimate world, the life and death predicament of organic life experience and the good and evil within our own individual cognition that our consciousness constantly must reconcile. Conscience is our natural inherent jurisdiction. Every human knows what is right or wrong, in fact even a child knows it. It is inherent as a measure of what is compatible with Life and what is counterproductive. Morals are just an extension of it and practical for social purpose and community living. It is thus manmade, in contrast to conscience, which is the inherent property. You can dismantle morals, but not conscientiousness. It cannot be dismissed.    
Micro-cosmos, macro-cosmos go hand in hand and the principles of the inanimate are as applicable to the spiritual life, as to the organic since only the substrates change, not the principles. However, dealing with subtle and elusive matter in all its glory, is challenging. It means that our world view will have to change quite radically, discarding the model we are accustomed to, which still is very much anchored in the mechanical view of Newtonian physics. Einstein’s relativity may endure the change to a quantum world view, the relational world view, perhaps easier, because it is a bridge between the fixed world view and the quantum uncertainty principle. The reader may be interested in Carlo Rovelli’s book, “Helgoland” in which he claims everything that exists is nothing but quantum mirroring, an effect of reflexion on one another behind which actually nothing can be, since all exists in relation to each other. Or, you can study the Upanishad, the Indian philosophy concerned with the nature of reality, mind and the self, and the relationship between Brahman and Atman (Brahman the universal self, Atman the inner or personal self). And there is also “What is Life”, Schrödinger’s book (1944). All serve the purpose to get the mind running on high. All have in common that science and philosophy are as good to interpret reality. This is a mental leap (of quantum proportion) in itself.     
One way to look at how energy deals with information in the biological setting is to look at how information is relayed between an external (environment) and internal space (cell). For us humans it is via sensory perception and signal translation at the entry site, from which the received information is transported to the interpretation areas of the brain. There the message is recognized, analysed, and sent on to the applicable sites by passing through the emotional memory, before it triggers thought and finally forms the reactions. Sensations are waves, which have no or only a tiny mass. They travel according to their momentum through the substrates (e.g., air/ water/cytoplasm) until they reach the processing centres. It is necessary to make the message ‘user-friendly’ and presentable to the executive team (cognition), whose duty is decision making. This ensures the smooth operation of the factory (body) as a whole. Note! The various sensory pathways are well explored and one can easily recognize the underlying patterns on which they operate!
The journey from A to B on specific pathways is the determined physical path. But the messages are handled like tiny parcels that need to undergo packaging change for their safe passage. The waves have a frequency patterns, which, by the encrypted code (vibrations), contains the messages. If you like, the messages swing. Now you may understand why music is such an important part of our life. The physical steps of information, signal adaption, reconstitution and final decoding are matter of transport, but the information lies in the frequency and wave vibration, which ensures it is understood by the brain so it can organise a response. In short, it is the wave’s property that relays the messages. Part or even all areas of the brain are involved, alerting it and simultaneously triggering actions in the areas that modulate the response. Note! Emphasis is given to emotions. They are a fundamental part of the reaction circuitry.   
It all appears complicated, but it is just complex. After all we are talking molecules, atoms, and particles. They can move amazingly fast, which makes the brain a super-efficient task master. It may therefore be only logical to expect that the mental/spiritual evolution will take off from the current launching pad like a rocket rather than a plane. The development of ‘Homo Sapiens’ was moving along nicely, but was speeding up exponentially over the years, especially over the last 2 hundred years since the industrial era began. Though that is no longer enough to keep up with the technological advances. Brain development and spiritual evolution must follow suit, speedily, or the human species is doomed and will vanish.    
Our current state of knowledge already recognizes that quantum physics/mechanics offers the grounding from which we will unveil the many mysteries remaining. It is a work in progress and evolution at its best. And it is indeed our brain which lets us enter this strange world, probably because it is in such a confined space (skull) compared to the cosmos, where we get too easily lost in the vastness of it. How far the mental/spiritual evolution will take us is uncertain, since life as we know it, may find its untimely end.   
Sozieterna’s concept of Life is conveyed in simple language, an attempt to show what it practically means to live according to the improved understanding of all reality. It includes the underlying, or overarching truth(s), the inextricably linked and inseparable spiritual aspect of it. Science serves as a foundation and framework, because with science began the breaking down of the power of ignorance. But the language of science is complicated. Many miss out on information that would improve their troubled lives and struggling minds. However, it must be emphasised, no external framework will make a lasting difference to the evolution of mind. The revolution must come from within since it requires a change of attitudes, not just circumstances. Not even science, with all intelligence put to diligent work, can save us from our demise, if we are not guided by insight. Our mind must accept, we are not masters, we are custodians at best.  
At present, the human species has reached a crucial point of development. Utilizing intuition and associations as tools is necessary while scientific data is lacking. It compares to the hypothesizing and theorising of science anyway. But remember! Knowledge is not the property of science. Knowledge exists apart from science and can find other avenues to reveal itself. One of the most mysterious is the so called ‘intuitive knowledge’, which many ‘normal’ people may experience one or the other way, including scientists, with some even admitting that their ‘Eureka Moment’ was an intuitive rather than an intellectual “lightning strike”.
Alas, the reader is invited to come along such a discourse, the way intuitive knowledge may take. That path is as real a path as one gained by scientific studies. This one walks you through the book “DNA” (‘Designing New Awareness’), which outlines the journey one person made, in this case, Femina, a Sozieterna, born in ignorance.
Even if people do not accept spiritual life as a reality, nobody can deny it either. Sozieterna emphasises that Spiritual Life is not Afterlife. It is as real a part of our existence as is the inanimate and organic. It just expresses itself so differently that for the most part, we do not consider it as “real”, since we cannot explain it. Its many phenomena remain questionable. They draw us in emotionally, but cause a lot of adverse reactions, from fear to ridicule and everything in between. The common ones like clairvoyance, spiritual healers, and psychics, even the so called “Eureka Moment” of sudden intuitive insight, they baffle us and we easily dismiss them. Unfortunately, a lot is due to too many false claims, distracting from the genuine item. Then there are the personal encounters with spirits, dead relatives, usually loved ones and, the “out of body” or, near death experiences. Science tries to find reasonable explanations for or against it, but so far, all lacks hard evidence, thus, uncertainty remains.
Uncertainty but is the name of the game, after all, quantum physics is known for the famous ‘Uncertainty Principle’, introduced by Werner Heisenberg in the 1920’s. It states that ‘the position and the momentum of an object (particle) cannot both be known exactly, due to the wave-particle duality at subatomic level.’ It has no apparent impact or significance for the observable world we know, but it sure has for the atomic and subatomic ‘world of particles’ from which all is made of. It means, what we see is not what there is. It also ascertains that only by observation becomes the state of an object ‘known’, (famously described with “Schrodinger’s Cat” analogy) and, that the observer is an integral part of it.
A relevant example of uncertainty and easier to understand is the dilemma of the fata morgana. We all know it is a visual appearance of something that does not exist. Well, that is of course not correct, because the apparition shows something real, it just is not at the place you see it. Physics says it is an optical illusion, and so it is. But that is the point, what you see exists, it just is not real. What we experience and draw conclusions from, is not all that is. Missing plenty of details despite believing we see the full picture means we cannot comprehend the truth. Perceiving the world around us as to what our sensorium transmits, we pick up a version of reality, and filter it, for the purpose of survival. Our brain learns to deal with this partial reality because it is important for us, but only for us. Consider what the world of other creatures looks like, who can hear better than us, see ultra violet rays, listen to echo location to navigate flight and find food, or simply use touch and, feel vibrations in order to safe guard survival. Our world is ruled by our perception of it, but it should be a thing of the past to deny the wide spectrum reality that exists. It also means apparitions, spirits, holy or not, dead loved ones, angels or whatever, may better not be so quickly regarded as utter nonsense. They may exist in form of a fata morgana, be real somewhere else, where most of us have no access to. Some people without doubt have extraordinary perceptions. Some may be able to sense subtle realities and accept them, while others may have them but feel utterly confused unable to deal with it. Naturally, to believe everything what people claim is ill advised. Too many charlatans prey on the naïve.
Another interesting phenomenon are hallucinations which some people experience. Well, not all these people are necessarily insane. In fact, one must wonder since it has become evident, that auditory hallucinations observed in the brain as they occur, are a real event. The auditory centre in the brain lightens up in the scans. But scans cannot differentiate between misfiring neurons or a true perception from an external source. That nobody but the affected person perceives them is irrelevant. Such person may have other perceptual abilities than the rest. A disarray of neurons of course may indeed be the culprit but for now, nobody can say with confidence what the actual cause is. In psychiatry the conclusions are often too quickly made in favour of mental illness, using a set of criteria as a diagnostic tool, which then determines treatment. Though certainly of value, it is not necessarily appropriate or applicable in all presentations. But it also is not reasonable to ignore the risk that some hallucinations harbor, for the sake of such patients and the community at large. No doubt, hallucinations have meaning and are to be understood in context of that person. The point still is, the source of hallucinations is unknown. The best one can say is, they are a mixed bag of possibilities.
Clairvoyants fall into this mixed bag too, because they too experience hallucinations. They generally cannot explain themselves why it happens to them, they only accept it does and how it works for them. Some see things, some may feel impressions, others intuitively know things, some may gaze the aura of a client and find the clues in it, linking it to what the client discloses to them. In the end, the how does not even matter, that it happens is perplexing enough.
Mind you, there are also people with exceptional cognitive functioning, like the ones who can recall every moment of their life. It is known, that our brain has more capacity to gather and store information than we are aware of, because we only use what is important for us. Our senses do not filter out information, the brain (executive) does. They must work together cooperatively for practical purposes. The brain however stores all data collected from the environment and, what is stored is retrievable, but we only use and process little of it. Though the content of our memory bank serves as a reference and back-up for our brain’s major purpose that is survival, it far exceeds what we need on a day-to-day basis. Photographic memory falls into this category too. Some people can store memory of what they see in pictures, for example whole book pages, which are then at a person’s disposal. (Very handy for exam purposes!). However! It would be impossible for humans to function, if they had to deal with the amount of information the brain routinely collects and stores. It would literally be information overload leading to system break downs, just like the fuses blow in electric circuits. If you talk to people with “impeccable” personal memory over their lives, it is not something they find easy to live with either. Many would prefer not to have this “gift”. Just imagine what it means to recall every traumatic and sad event of your life. Post-traumatic stress disorder is just the iceberg of it. And though photographic memory may propel a person’s academic success, as other specific cognitive talents may, the cost on a personal level may not be as desirable as you may think. Besides! To tap into the brain’s (big) memory bank is not that desirable for other reasons either. In fact, we should be rather glad, nobody knows how to do it. But sure is, spy agencies and dictators want to. Research into this and similar areas, like telepathy, was done and, probably, this and other mind exploitation research may be, or is ongoing, just behind closed doors. It has never been more important than it is now that the integrity of one’s body and control over it stays with the individual, because with technology advancing, so are the tools capable to mine an individual’s mind and history.
There is another interesting aspect of spiritual life to ponder about. Buddhists use prayer wheels and flags to send messages into the universe. It sounds ludicrous, but it may have the principle right. A thought has content, which forms an encrypted pattern on or in the wave as its energy travels along. In the given example, words, symbols of thought, are printed on the prayer flag or wheels and these are moved by wind or people turning the wheels. Waves of energy are thus sent into the air which could have the pattern of the printed words incorporated into the waves flying off. Nobody has researched if that is even a possibility, but from the point of execution how it may be possible it should not be just dismissed as utter nonsense. After all, we are talking molecules, atoms, particles that put a stamp on or into the wave. Look at how we hear and understand a spoken word. If the air would not carry the sound wave of the word in form of a pattern to our ears and then into our brains, thoughts would not be heard. Very clearly, since waves carry information in codes and/or patterns, - why should it be unreasonable to make sense of prayer flags? Or, why for example should clairvoyants not be able to pick up waves from stored memory and thought from a person? Reading the routinely encrypted information according to their special skills, linking it with the person’s situation, they may very well be capable of interpreting passed events and draw conclusions regarding the future of that person, who asks specific questions about his/her life? Encryption, as discussed in the article, is naturally not for the purpose of keeping secrets, it is just the way to convert wave pattern for the sake of transmission of information from and within varied systems. Therefore, information is accessible, from any brain, particularly from an ignorant individual, who wants to know something about self and prospects, but having no access to it by own means, thus seeking help from someone, who can. However! Thought waves are not scriptures and not written in stone. Neither is the future, meaning, what is predicted, does not necessarily have to happen. Things change, people change and since waves are in flux interferences can happen just by chance and any time. Thus, future is flexible. Or you may say, future is predictable, but still uncertain.
Of course, all these suggestions are to be taken as that. Mind you, what is roughly pointed out here in regards to sensory perception is confirmed by clear evidence in various literature, which the reader may access elsewhere at his leisure.
Another interesting feature of quantum mechanics must be highlighted too since it correlates so well with spiritual life’s mysteries. It concerns the subject of entanglement. Famously, Albert Einstein did not like what quantum physics suggested, stating that “God does not play dice with the universe”. He found some things also quite “spooky”. What he meant of course was, uncertainty principles are not the exact and measurable science he favoured and, “spooky” particles behaved as if they received information over far distances that fast, considered impossible, since they would exceed the speed of light. He referred to what has become known as entanglement, a phenomenon where a pair of particles, even if far away from each other, behave exactly the way as if they were intrinsically connected, complementing each other’s action simultaneously. It also relates to Carl Gustav Jung’s assumption of the existence of a “Collective Consciousness” and, to the phenomenon that was observed in monkeys living on different islands suddenly, or at least so it seemed, displaying the same novel behaviours that added to their beneficial skill repertoire. More metaphysically, ghosts are spooky too, because they may pop up in more than one places in an instant and frighten the hell out of the unexpecting, (tales of the haunted castles). Entangled images?  Shared mental and spiritual cosmic field? Or holographic picture show? Nobody knows, yet that is.
Quantum physics is a “magical world”, literally speaking. There is matter and anti-matter. There are particles, the neutrinos, also called the ghost particle that can pervade anything without leaving a noticeable mark or a disturbance, like a ghost going through closed doors and solid walls. Waves are particles and the other way round and they can be in more than one place at the same time. What is observed is not what else is, or, only what you observe makes it real. Information is passed over distances instantly and, nothing is to be taken for certain, - that is what we understand of the spirit worlds too, the realms that mediums claim to see or at least can tap into, even conversing with souls and spirits when they are in trance. But make no mistake! This is only part not all of what mental/spiritual life is. And! There should be no misunderstanding the prospect of hell to exist too. Consider what psychological pain is, or what a tormented mind means and you get the picture. The mental/spiritual world is not and cannot be free of suffering. In fact, the categories of Life differ only in formal expression, meaning, hell is as good here as there.
String theory suggests that many universes coexist, because all depends on the vibration of the strings that form unique worlds. They are considered part of our existence, though we would not know, because the frequency of our world’s base vibration is different to the others. But some people may have miniscule parts of their neuronal system that can perceive other worlds, at least interact, or communicate with one or the other by means of paranormal pathways. Why would anyone believe in an ‘Afterlife’ or ‘Spirit World’, if there were no reports of such experiences throughout the history of man despite all attempts to eliminate them, or silencing the people reporting, often in most painful ways?
Be it as it may, let us talk about intelligence, which is an integral part of existence from the beginning, part of the evolutionary progress and mental/spiritual development. If we humans as a species lived long enough, we would reach pinnacles we at present cannot yet fathom. This is inevitable since it is part of Life, the determinant in the evolution of Life itself, which begins as the omnipotent undifferentiated pool of energy and ends at the omnipotent differentiated expression of energy. Existence oscillates between the 2 points, the omnipotent BB and the fully differentiated climax. For the sake of distinction, one is the point of possibilities, the other the climax of manifestation. In both points, beginning and end have no longer significance being qualitative the same but expressed in a different form. The process of evolution (differentiation) is a wave cycle, or the ‘Breath of Life’ if you like Theo philosophical comparison. In any case, it is an amazing journey, never dull, not always bliss and often truly painful. But beginning and end point transcend the meaning of Life and Death. Does Life end? No! Death marks the end of a phase, and since energy does not die, it just changes form through different phases, manifesting itself in a different form, right down (or up) to become the observer, reflecting upon itself. Superposition only marks the end of dualism, in which everything is observed as one or the other. But when particle and wave are in superposition, unification has occurred. This state is neither absolute nor relative, or both, absolute and relative. It is energy in the state of potential, “life in situ”. It stands in contrast to energy in action, or “life in motion” but in superposition they exist as one, layered one above the other, or being one and the other. It means ultimate awareness of existence and what the world looks like in the ultimate state of realization. According to quantum physics, we are the observer, meaning, we observe time and space being created and everything that follows within it and thereafter, including ourselves. That sounds like a paradox, but no, it just is the quantum world in which Life cycles take shape. However! This should not be confused with the state of pure energy which is utter potential, not even thought exists and Life is unrealized. It is the prelude and contains the above that is energy in phase l. A new cycle will eventuate, if, and when the balance, the harmony, the symmetry is broken. It is the instant of thought that like a pebble ripples the pool, philosophically speaking, and as found in religious texts. (“First came thought”, quote).
All matter, every creature, you, and me, is as E=mc2 summarises, a bundle of energy in action that moves through space and time. Life is. And if you are a religious person you may like to express it as ‘God is’, with all its “good and bad”, the dipole of our dualistic world with positive and negative charges. It is also the nature of us and our human soul. But ultimately, we are energy, which has not been recognized in all its form and glory.
Humans currently behave as if they were omnipotent, but they are not, not yet at least. In the face of the still looming and nebulous mysteries, they cannot feel almighty, only humbled. And it does not help to create AI (artificial intelligence) which is a flawed attempt of imitating omnipotence.
It is however certain that any society reaching the differentiated climax point cannot be other than a peaceful one, one that nurtures, not destroys, one that can understand how to maintain balance between opposing forces within the physical laws of nature and, the good and evil, which man puts into the construct of God and Devil as entities. But they are nothing more than inherent opposing forces within, causing internal struggles as every single person can testify.
Fortunately, there is a safety net for Life itself and for us imperfect beings, meaning, paradise can be created and found anytime and anywhere. If the balance can be upheld between the opposing forces that is. Of course, it requires effort to stay in balance, to maintain homeostasis, to live in peace. Sadly, neither is there great success in the West with all its science, nor in the East amongst Hindus and Buddhists, despite them having quite a different approach to truth. The reasons for it are simple, because, when people only follow a doctrine without comprehension, the project is doomed. They must understand the basics first before they can gain insight to turn from follower to participant. That is the quantum leap the mental/spiritual evolution requires. Obedience is not enough. Waiting for science may not be enough either. Time wise that is, since we as the human species are at the point of annihilation, or better, we self-destruct due to our own faulty decisions and our own choices. However! Though our species may not endure in its entirety, every individual can reach the personal climax. But it requires an open mind, the willingness to listen to reason. It does not matter to which theological, philosophical ideology or school one ascribes to, if the true principles of Life are understood. And you are on your way to reach your personal best while you are struggling with all the obstacles in your way by adhering to the principles of nurturing, loving, caring! Life is beautiful, do not make it hell!
Sozieterna finds it practical to think of existence as Life fluctuating within the PH – Range, a scale known in physics (and by gardeners!) to measure how acidic or basic an object is. The range has enough scope for life to carry on. But crossing the lines, tipping over to one or the other side, losing the balance so to speak, is a big NO. One way or the other, you cannot and you must not since it is incompatible with life as we know it. It does however not mean that Life ends altogether. It will just build something new according to the new conditions. Besides, nature regulates itself, always in the direction of achieving the right balance once again, within which life can be established and endure, until the next correction is warranted. Sadly, speaking about our planet Earth, it may not reach the same versatility, but stability is found in arid places even more. And who says another world cannot be beautiful too?
In conclusion, Life is, regardless if it is in its inorganic, organic or spiritual form and regardless if humans are not a constructive contribution, nor being able to realize the meaning of it. But not doing the best with their life is a tragedy, treating it with contempt is however unforgivable. Despite this statement’s connection to spiritual matters, it is not within the core topic of this article and therefore best left to explore or discuss it elsewhere or at another time. The article offers enough food for thought as it is, defining Life very differently to the commonly accepted version. The reader may or may not agree or like it, but to seek approval is not the point, nor is it to persuade anyone to accept the concept as laid out. It is however something that when considered honestly, makes more sense than what is generally taught, with far reaching implications too. Make no mistake, it may disgruntle part of the establishment that cannot let go of vested interests. But that too is Life.  


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