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TOPIC: Well known 'Spectator' in the UK......

Well known 'Spectator' in the UK...... 4 weeks 9 hours ago #431

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has an article about the questionable imperialistic attitudes of some scientists, among which Prof. Neil Ferguson seems to reside. This is indeed more than interesting because his model of the current COV19 pandemic was used by the government to enforce "lockdown". What the article points out is that every scientific paper or even idea should be openly available to the scientific peers to ensure they are thoroughly investigated and replicated to get the weight of a true result. You guessed it, this was not the case here in the pandemic modelling. The code on which Fergusons model is based on has not been given to anyone so this proofing could take place. This is but a despicable attitude of scientists who either have something to hide and would be proven wrong if others had a look at their work, or is plain greed, not to let others in on a progress or share accolades or other positive or negative appraisals. It is everything but ethical science. Since most countries followed suit with lockdowns, the magazine believes, that surely other countries made their own modelling and got the same results, which is a flawed statement too. Remember the case of "Weapons of Mass Destruction"? Did every country investigate the truth of that information? No, but the consequences were more than just a hiccup. Though being of a different scenario, countries are following other countries without further ado. The numbers of followers does not proof Ferguson's modelling was right, nor that it was used, nor own investigations were done. Many countries would not bother but trust. Sweden obviously did not. They used their own experts and how right they are to have done so in view of the secrecy on Ferguson's model code. Now, let me predict what the reaction of governments will be, and please please proof me wrong; - nobody will easily if at all admit, that the lockdown was based on a model that may have been in errors, but was blindly followed and brought countries into a crisis never seen before. In any case, it should make it clear, that politicians have no qualifications to accept something from experts without proper review by other experts, because politicians have no understanding of science and science with an imperialistic attitude is not science as it lacks the scientific process of evaluation crucial to science. I would not be surprised that this disaster will be swept out of the media and the attention of society, because the costs are that enormous, no government can allow itself to be seen as the incompetent decision makers they actually are. No government should have the right to dictate what should be done to their country and people, not with police enforcement anyway, when they base their trust in information that is not verified and can be and is wrong, on purpose or due to error. I would love nothing better than to be proven wrong in my assessment, unfortunately, only time will tell, meanwhile people are bleeding. So much for the caring governments, who want to save lives but have no idea how to.
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