About Sozieterna

Sozieterna can be defined as a nation because it has a constitution but there is no "homeland" or country to call "motherland", "Fatherland".

Sozieternas have been and are part of any civilisation and culture, as sophisticated or undeveloped as it may be. They integrate into the local societies. Home is anywhere they are. Sozieternas have no need to prove their identity nor their own nationality. Being a Sozieterna is enough to recognize each other anywhere, anytime.

However, before technology, it was difficult to meet each other as the population is indeed small and is spread out all over the world. There are of course places where it was and still is more likely to catch up with each other, but to travel was also not an easy task, even today it is not suiting everyone just for the sake to be amongst themselves. As much as they love to spend time with their own people, it is not their priority.

To keep in touch nowadays is easier than ever, and though this is welcome, it means change to their customary ways, and there is some trepidation.

This website, the first and only of its kind, is part of this change. It needs to be seen if it will develop to an external branch of their central network operation in Solarsol, their major meeting place, an equivilant to a major capital. Some believe it is necessary, others don't. It will be interesting indeed to follow the discussions and to observe as the future unfolds.

Anyone can become a Sozieterna, but it is a process, rather than an inauguration and no money or possessions of any kind are needed nor a way to obtain citizenship.

Why would anyone want to be a Sozieterna? As with everything, without knowing it, no desire exists. Hence, this website has a dual purpose. Sozieternas never consider seriously to want to be anything else but Sozieternas but they are no patriots in the meaning of that word.

There is no intent to advertise for Sozieterna. There are no "goodies" to entice anyone to get involved, but there is a choice, and the assurance that Sozieternas are social creatures, happy to welcome newcomers. They love to celebrate, in fact, they celebrate life.

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