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TOPIC: Bushfires, but the ambers fly also in parliament.

Bushfires, but the ambers fly also in parliament. 1 year 8 months ago #352

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One could actually believe the government gives a cabaret performance, so utterly ridiculous are their comments and tirades, in response to a "green" parliamentarian asking, if or what kind of plan the government had to address the problems of climate change, which obviously is leading to increased numbers and severity of bushfires (not only in Australia).
Hard to believe, but one of these politicians claimed it was the fault of the "lefty's and greeny's" that there were bushfires anyway and, how dare they to ask such a question in view of the catastrophe unfolding, instead of showing some compassion for the ones afflicted. Well, well, this makes for a sound comedic satire if it was not a real life tragedy, staged by government bullies, autocrats and self-indulgent hypocrites. But it gets even better! Another one of these cynical politicians stated that most likely, the ones who just lost their homes or even lives, were most likely ones who had voted "green" anyway, as evidenced by wanting to live in natural habitat, (instead of where?), not voting for their party who had their true and best interest in mind, (evidenced by what?). So, they better don't complain now, isn't it? Because, if they had voted as they should (for their party), bushfires would not rage? Or what did this guy actually mean with a statement like this????
Now, one can only hope that this political fiasco and shouting is so loud that the whole world can hear it and gets the right picture what kind of political performance that is. Mind you, the green party member who dared asking an uncomfortable question was told that it was a disgrace to do so in times of victims' suffering, thus not showing any compassion that he should have instead. Interesting! But where is the this blood spitting politician and his compassion? Is he fighting on the frontline against the raging fires? No! He sits comfortably in his ivory tower attacking a voice of reason. If he had any understanding what sustainable progress means, he would not have to feel threatened by a simple question, or at least he could use the time of sorrow to learn and do something constructive in his job, (his duty anyway), instead of bulldozing down anyone asking a perfectly legitimate question. It obviously exposed him and his party for a lack of action in anything of pressing local and global concerns, exposing them for their interest in progress at any cost, with plans serving their agendas in a mean and sly political framework of undermining the principles of democracy. Sustainability? What is that?
Attack is a the best defence, when driven in a corner, even animals know that. They attack, having no other options left, to safe their skin.
Sorry, but politicians closing front against reason should be banned from any government business. The power of democracy lies with the people but that is exactly in question, brewing behind closed doors and right now. The fires burning are not only gutting habitat but democracy as well. No one should live in complacency, because these are truly unsettling and dangerous times.
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