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TOPIC: Fighting windmills?

Fighting windmills? 3 months 3 weeks ago #560

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Everyone knows what useless endevour that is. You spend energy without results. Some people fight without thinking, others understand you just need to control their operation, which really is the only option, if your lifelyhood depends on them. Sadly, we have many windmills in our lifes and and they cannot be dismantled due to the purpose they have. Thus, it requires constant maintanance, which is tiring too. However, it is the lesser problem. So stop fighting and figure out which of your windmills require attention instead of spending energy without rewards.
One of the big windmills in anyone's life is fear. Fear is essential for our survival but it turns against us if we do not learn how to control it. You cannot get rid of fear, unless you are totally reckless with your life, meaning you don't care for it. But, you can be sure, your life will be short. It means however, you have to learn how to manage your fears, because to be fear ridden is as deadly as recklessness, since you do not live, but vegetate and may die just a little bit later, if you are lucky. Remember, death will find you, no matter how much you hide. Most people fear death, particularly in our materialistic oriented world. And yes, the life we have is unique and cannot be multiplied. Thanks to our body composed of matter, it will be gone without a doubt.
It is truly funny, and tragic at the same time, to watch what people do to extend their life, even trying to become immortal.Though to be fair, part of our cest for eternal life stems from the evolutionary drive to survive in this world of matter and time and, to which we like to hang on to. Just look at the so-called globalists! Of course, their motives for survival are a mixed bag, none of which are desirable or honorable, even if they believe they are. These people in fact do not care for Life at all, they care for their life only and their procreation line. They actually believe their genes are the best to continue the human kind, because the rest is not intelligent enough, not worthy the selection for the best breed. Of course, this is nothing short of stupid besides being immoral and unethical, let alone void of cosmic integrity. But one thing stands out: These people are full of fear, of fear that, with having reached the point of no return regarding our world climate change and its consequences, humans have little chance of survival, except maybe, if you get rid of the crowd and try to preserve some of the species, themselves that is. They have the money, the power, the intelligence, the means of making it into another world, after this one is gone. So they believe! And what do they do with their fear? Everything to safe themselves, as ludicrous, as criminal, as evil as it can be. You can observe their actions all around you now. Your suffering means nothing to these madmen, who but claim to be so concerned for the good of human kind. Do they fight their windmills driven by angst? No, of corse not! Because they think they have that well under contoll. And here is the funny side: Controll is another windmill, far more difficult to tackle than fear, because unless you understand the purpose and meaning of control, you get lured by the spinning wheels, tempting you to ride on the blades, (not recognizing your fear and believing you are in control). It is no merry go round but; it will controll you as you hang on for your life, sooner or later. Nobody worries about people in fear since they are easily manipulated. But watch out for the ones who have controll issues. They have lost their footing and will not listen to reason, but they know, there is always something stronger than them. They become riddled with fear and you know how animals react, when driven into a corner to defend their life. The point is; windmills have their purpose, but fighting them or riding them is not advised. However! Maintanance is required for their proper functioning. Find your windmills in need of attention, before your life falls apart.
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