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TOPIC: What do you mean, you believe?

What do you mean, you believe? 1 year 8 months ago #554

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No other word has so many facets and uncertainties as the word believe, believing, faith. It means you can believe anything, which usually ends up with "it is my opinion". And you can fight wars over it. It also means you do not know but believe you know. However, even that is not quite correct, because having no evidence to show for what actually is and you intuitively know is, does not count as fact despite you know you are right. But you will have to remain in doubt since not being able to proof something makes it a subject of believe. And what is with the believes of the crazy folks, also called delusions? In fact, even there in the world of the mentally ill, as they are classified, not everything is due to a compromised brain function and since matters of the brain are still like maps with with lots of white spots (unexplored), the specialists only can assume, or believe they are right, as good as the patient claims he is. Bizare believes may indeed be faulty circuits, but because the "normal" person, including the doctors, work on shaky grounds, they can assume and conclude, but that is not knowing with certainty. They only judge on what the current evidence says, but it does not mean, nothing else exists.
I actually hate the word because of its vageness and limitations. Look at faith! It means you believe, in what exactly? In your partner, government, God and Devil (one comes with the other!), or just in the Good and Bad? You may be totally mistaken, the way at least you think it must be. Or you are convinced, unshaken in your believe whatever it is. It does not make you necessarly a mad fool. In fact, faith is nothing but trust in something or somebody. And there you have it: you can never trust fully and unconditionally in others or anything. The only thing you must trust but, is you. You must have faith in yourself, you must trust yourself. That is the only thing that counts. And if you are religious then you know what is meant by being God's offspring, or the Devil's, as I said, one comes with the other. But the battle between good and evil, is fought within you, though it is so much easier to externalise them and the churches have vested interest in keeping it that way, as have the powerhungry too for they know what believing and faith are good for- to rule over sheep.
Now! Don't be hasty and blame everything on them. They are no different than you, with good and evil chosen at free will. Of course, if evil is intelligent, you see where it leads to. We see it play out right now. But you only can change yourself, never your husband, nor the power addicts or any such hooked subjects. Only you can change yourself and the world around you will change too. because it is forced to change. Naturally that may not be easy for you and maybe very much opposed by the other whom you force to change. And yes it all comes with a price to pay. But if there is something good coming of it, I should think it always is worth the pain, even if you do not get to enjoy the rewards in your life as such. You must understand the reward is within you, fighting the battle within yourself and winning it, is the best reward that transzends life, due to that positive energy it creates. Energie never dies. It is released and what better reward can you get?
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