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TOPIC: Hellbent and relentless

Hellbent and relentless 9 months 2 weeks ago #542

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Do I have to make the title clear? I guess it is clear to what it refers to. I told you when COV came along that worse would come. Go back and read my blogs! It was clear from the start that it had nothing to do with a killer disease but all with political agendas and goals. I, however, never expected it to be a global threat to people's freedoms and rights by an unprecedented act of unified tyranny, invoked by a few, who have only one goal that is to become rulers of this world. I tried hard to do my share of working against such a coup, but did it make a difference? No, of course not! The only difference it made was for me. I learnt things about myself. I never knew they were part of me and I am happy about it. As for the human kind, life comes and goes, civilisations rise and disappear, Earth will fall into another cycle and after all, stars die. So! It is heartbreaking to watch the demise, not for the guilty, for them I don't care, but for the innocent, the victims of a war, which was entirely concocted by evil. But can I extrapulate myself from that evil so completely as I would like it to be? No! Nothing exists on its own and to insist that evil has nothing to do with one self is as delusional as people are caught in their fears acting hysterically. I am guilty of participating in this evil, not by doing it myself, but running away, when it got too close to me, until I could no longer run and was forced to stand the ground. And yes, I suffered the hard times, the injusticeness, the tyranny long before it became so blatantly displayed as it is now. I still ran when the opportunity gave me a way out because I am a pacifist, or so I thought. But now there is nowhere to run to anymore. The entire planet is engulfed in this madness. Where pockets of sanctuaries still exist, I cannot even get off the ground, caught in the grip of insanity. It means, once again, I have to stand the ground with even less hope of an escape, and I know now, a pacifist I am not. Come on evil, I meet you and I hope, I can drag you to the dungeon you deserve. In any case, you have no power over me, because there is nothing I am afraid of to lose, but mercy for you I have not.
God threw Lucifer out of his kingdom, meaning, He got rid of His problem. But a solution to evil it is not. In fact it cannot be. Evil is a personal challenge and you only can control it within yourself. To cast it out of you makes you guilty for creating an external battlefield, which is worse, because now you make others suffer too. Just let us be honest, to live with guilt is far worse than to battle with evil. You say, 'but these tyrants are evil and never have guilt feelings!' Indeed, so it is. But I ask you, have you ever seen a happy psychopath? They don't exist. Whatever they feel has no debth and they know that too. And did you ever wonder why God is merciful? Well, feeling guilty makes you humble and forgiving is the redemption you need. You may not like my tapping into Bible matters. Honestly, I take it just as an example because of its simplicity. Go into the subject of psychiatry and you find the same things just expressed in a different and more complicated language. But truth is truth, it does not matter in which clothes it comes in.
The point of the blog? It is in contemplation on the emergency law situation in Canada, (which other countries may follow). But you can spin your own yarn as you like, there should be enough material to think about, what the battle of good and evil really means. .
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