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TOPIC: Worse than the plague

Worse than the plague 8 months 4 weeks ago #526

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What could be worse than such a sweeping killer? Sadly it is not what you think, because no bug beats the evil human spirit, no illness causes so much pain, now disease so much death. Every day I hear what devastation is caused by some people who claim to be leaders of their countries and shepherds of their herds. I scratch my head and wonder why humans do that to their fellow men when they have to die as good as everything else. And how come that the beast does not revolt and runs these tormenters over or into the ground? It is after all impossible not to find intelligent herd animals among the crowd and many of the leaders are plain stupid and horribly flawed characters, or both. It is impossible that the many cannot disempower a few, no matter how much defenses they may have to their disposal, the herds are always bigger and outnumber the top brass. Well! One thing is for sure, the bigger the mass the harder it gets to get it going. A mass tends to sit tight before it starts to move and it may not move because it wants to, it moves because it has to. Or it is eaten up until it gets flighty losing weight, and then it moves without direction, aimlessly following anything that promises safety in numbers again even without a plan in sight. It seems, the evolutionary design is at fault to bring about such cretins and it is just nature stepping in when the balance is no longer holding self regulating equal loads and everything topples to one side, the side of destruction and evil minds. Though the design was for beauty and a masterful creation, it was doomed from the beginning since it was relying on balance to be upheld despite the inherent fragility as time passes. But who is responsible for such a faulty plan of creation? Somebody must be the culprit, isn't?
Sorry, I have no soothing excuses for you, because there is no doubt, it is possible to work along in harmony, keep up the balance in the master plan. In fact it is the self correcting inbuilt safety avenue that will eliminate the destructive element jeopardizing progress. It is the human spirit that is at fault. There is nobody to blame but the human spirit itself, which is the ignorant and does not want to learn. Don't even think to blame God for it. He does not interfere, He does not do the evil deed, He is not even around, He does not exist, He died long ago. That is why it is said humans are his children. Unfortunately, they just wasted their inheritance. Not convinced? Well then, whom do you think you can blame for the misery, the demise, the destruction, the loss of such a beautiful world where the is plenty for all creatures if intelligence would have been used by custodians not exploiters and ravaging beasts that could not give a dam for life? And now we have a few trying desperate to safe what is still to safe before the demise is inevitable. And what do they do? The same of the same, killing everybody and everything by trying to safe their skin, calling in a new world order which is built on their ill spirited minds. It is a delusion they believe will restore the balance for life to go on. Glad to say, everything that dies before they got their new world order established is better off then them. Because savages and crazy minds will turn on themselves when there is nothing left to turn against. Do I cry about the lost beauty, the innocent suffering, the chance of life in freedom, love and peace and happiness? Of course! It breaks my heart to watch what the human species contributes to evolution, which by the way will go on, no doubt. And yes, the master plan may need a review, but that is the point of evolution. I know my friends and fellow citizens of our nation understand what I mean by that, the rest will not and I cannot change that. But I want to express my gratitude to all my brothers and sisters for being my solace, my community, where the energy of free spirit is alive and regenerates the constructive and loving side of human kind. Thank you Sozieternas, for being there for me. We are as we have always been, spread out all over the world and happy to meet and celebrate life as we always have done and will do as long as this world will bear us.
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