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TOPIC: It is not incompetent!

It is not incompetent! 11 months 4 days ago #516

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It is far worse! It is deviant! The reader may remember that I wrote in one of the blogs about my outrage how "health experts", advising governments on the current endemic, could have made it through medical school. Well, they made it alright. And I am also no longer surprised about the words the self styled autocrats in power use in their pledge against a fictitious enemy while the real agenda stays hidden: "Crush the virus! Put a ring of steel around any suspected infection source! Track anyone down with the full force of power who dares to object the health advice that is issued to keep the public safe!" Keeping the public safe? From whom, I may ask? I need safeguarding indeed, but from these officials, not from a virus, which may or may not lead me to my demise!
Anyway! I was for a while pondering about the experts' and governments' obsession with face masks. Well! It is only a matter of asking the right questions to get the answer. As I pointed out previously, hyperventilation, like increased breathing during a panic attack, can be controlled by using a paper bag, a bit drastic but immediately effective in an acute situation. Wearing a mask has a similar effect. It slows breathing down since you constantly breath in CO2 from your own breath. In fact, wearing a mask keeps you in a kind of stupor, lulls you down. Nothing will upset you quickly or will get your heart pumping, except you do physical work or exercise. Your breath, in fact, you are well under control! That it affects your mental state and your cognition is the goal and desired outcome. It subdues you, keeps you calm in the face of daily life dramas.
Devious health advise, not incompetence! You are told and believe a mask keeps the virus away, (against the evidence). My disgust grows exponentially when I look at the faces of these so called experts and the politicians, who sow the seed of real war. I see no faces expressing humility, humanity, compassion, nor joy or exuberance. These people are not filled with a zest of life that is contagious and inviting and their body language tells you more than they ever will. I say, they have to go! All of them! Immediately! The longer they can carry on the bigger the damage will be. I choose life, not them, who want to rule mine. Remember! Death will find you, no matter what.
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