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And more about Sozieterna.....

Posted by on in Special Posts


Since the introduction of Sozieterna to the public the hesitation about this step was a point of concern then and it still is. No uni-vocal agreement or consensus among its members has been reached so far. There are more arguments against then for it, and the voices against become stronger rather than less. Their reasoning unfortunately has solid ground and is twofold. For one it is about Sozieterna’s own interests, the other about the interests of Non-Sozieternas. In this specific instance it is about the interests of all people on Earth as we inhabit this planet.

There was some concern raised that Sozieternas may be misconstrued as being “aliens”, or some other weird creatures, due to the distinction made in the previous article about Sozieternas, between them and “Earthlings” (Non-Sozieternas). Indeed, the point is taken and clarification is clearly warranted.

Let us start with the succinct statement to once and for all eliminate any doubt or misinterpretations: Sozieternas are as much human as “Earthlings”. Strictly speaking, they are Earthlings as well, but with a difference regarding one important aspect that sets them apart. This article will explore this and hopefully eliminate misunderstandings for good. It requires however to look into the questions of what is or defines a human? Is every human just the same? Of course not! And why not? 

Looking at suitable definitions of ‘human’ does not fully satisfy because it depends on the very personal views one has about life before even asking the question and the answers will therefor vary. May be it is best to begin with questions:

Are humans only matter?  They do have a mind too, haven’t they? Humans are intelligent, aren’t they? But is a human characterized by matter and mind? Or is there another dimension that makes humans what they are? 

Well, humans have emotions too, and we all know, intelligence is not an emotion, or is it? Emotions are more associated with another aspect, one that is hotly debated. It ends in the question: Is there indeed a third component that makes a human a human, and is that dimension the soul, the anima, the spirit? 

There has been a development in recent years that speaks of humans of having a body, a mind, and a soul, and though this is not really a new discovery, it is never the less an acknowledgment of long held believes that has found its way into the modern though less spiritual life of industrialized western societies.

There is no doubt for Sozieterna because they see all life as a three dimensional concept: Basic Life; Organic Life; Conscious Life 

BASIC LIFE is matter that is in motion. As soon as there is movement there is life. Everything, including the universe is in motion, it is life itself; it is the basic and first dimension of life. For Sozieterna not even a stone is lifeless, because atoms that make up the stone are constantly moving within it, meaning there is energy contained in a seemingly lifeless body. To move or change a stone however, an external force is needed. Therefore a stone is generally not considered as something that has life as it has no own initiative to demonstrate life.

Humans consider life only in the second dimension that is ORGANIC LIFE. There we see objects moving without an obvious need for an external force. Movement and change is initiated from within and is externally apparent as motion of matter that has a structured form, matter that has shape and body, and life is not just contained invisibly in it, life expresses itself outwardly. In this dimension organic life rules. It is its beginning and evolution, containing the whole gamete of what we see and consider as living things, indeed what humans understand life is. Obviously, as a process of development, the beginnings were humble but became increasingly complex and is still continuing to the point where various life forms show varying patterns of emotions and intelligence. It is all part of organic life. Emotions and intelligence cannot find their expression without the basic constituent of matter. They depend on fine matter or substances in order to turn organic life into the highly functional creatures that inhabit this earth; the highest specialized forms are the primates, with humans in the pole position. Mother Earth has grown organic life; humans are created from earth, and that is the meaning of “Earthlings”. It is interestingly mentioned in the Bibel, that God created Adam from loam. More poetically, and surprisingly coming from scientists, they like to tell us that earth and humans alike are made of stardust. And so it is, everything really is derived from “cosmic dust”. But being born and living on Earth makes Sozieternas to Earthlings, regardless. The difference and distinction between Earthlings and Sozieternas becomes apparent in the third dimension, the ‘Conscious Life’. The difference has no judgmental value, only a descriptive and the distinction is no demarcation as there are no fixed parameters. 

The third dimension of life may be likened to a quality resembling plasma, because it has no firm structure or form though comprising matter and energy. CONSCIOUS LIFE may be best described as the ‘Essence of Life’, in contrast to organic life which is the ‘Body of Life’. The Essence of Life is a continuum. If substance is already fine matter, essence is hardly matter at all. It is so elusive, that even gas is crude. It makes it difficult to grasp it as matter, literally, and, as in quantum physics, where particles can be waves or particles, meaning energy can be matter, it can assume form and shape or remain wave and energy. It is the characteristic of the third aspect of life, to be energy and/or subtle matter, having no firm or distinguishable shape or body as such despite content. Comparing it with the first dimension, where movement is life, the difference is that basic life is only movement of matter, conscious life is both matter and movement, changing from one to the other, it is, or carries, content. As the third component of life, it is in all, from the most simple to the highly developed. Its expression is however proportionate to the constitutional make-up of the particular life form. An example would be: Stone, plant, animal -, all have life force, but in different measure. 

Sozieterna sees ‘Conscious Life’ as the refined and most subtle matter that pervades and transcends, envelopes and engulfs everything, like the sun’s rays, or the rays of the cosmos, or the neutrinos emitted by electron-proton collision and fusion. It is the ‘essence of matter’ and, being constantly in motion, the ‘essence of life’. It is elusive because it changes from particle to wave, from wave to particle, confusing any unprepared observer, as it dances to the tunes of cosmic vibration. Sozieterna considers it as the pool of the energies that are the essence of creation, the breath of life and the home of cosmic awareness. But it has to be emphasized, this is not associated with God.

Sozieterna cannot separate the dimensions as distinctive independent entities. It does so only for the sake of theoretical discussion, but the reality is that there is no separation. Nothing is a stand-alone unit. All is interrelated, interdependent, linked together for better or worse. 

Earth is a young planet. Earthlings have a young soul, developmentally speaking, but it does not exclude them from anything that the cosmos has on offer. It is just generally the time factor that brings maturity. The young are not usually associated with wisdom, old people are. Of course, overall rules have no legitimate claim to being the only reality, but human’s capacity to tap into the pool of cosmic consciousness is limited for these reasons. However, it is not impossible that they do, nor is it that rare either. Unfortunately, the majority of people who believe in angels or spirits, are clairvoyant or healers are too often ridiculed and too often their claim is indeed worth no more. But it would be wrong to dismiss such believes or reported experiences, or the genuine people with special abilities as fraudulent or as “crazy”. Human ignorance is not gone despite their intelligence. In Sozieternas views of the quality of the third dimension of life, energy can take any shape or form, visible or not, experienced or not, it just is, if we like it or not.

Humans do however insist that they have self-awareness, a conscious mind. It is an evolutionary effect of course. Just consider the need for processing environmental data in the fight of survival! Feelings, triggered by stimuli, provide the organism with guidelines what is or isn’t a suitable strategy to succeed in their endeavor to live. It requires ongoing adjustments, ending naturally in the sophisticated and shapeless world of consciousness and after all self-awareness. It is biologically organized and biologically driven, but feelings, intelligence, creativity, thought content and interpretation of life itself cannot be explained by it, as it would not cater for the diversity within all individual beings, apart from their varying appearances. If it was biological only, everyone and everything would have to feel, think, react in the same way. Mind has its own evolution, but none of it can do without the preceding physical and biological basis and the memory bank of the DNA.    

Conscious Life and Cosmic Awareness is a reality even if organic life has no grasp on it, despite and because of its pervasive nature. But let us look now briefly at cosmic awareness. Its pervasiveness has of course consequences. As subtle as it may be, contact alters both, the pervading agent as the pervaded. It may be incidental, or in awareness, it may be as little or as much, an event that may be of a sudden nature or a subtle process, - all life is, including humans, exposed to it. It may be just a glimpse or an experience that depends on the individual itself, his or her perceptiveness or readiness. It is therefore not, at least not for Sozieternas, propagated as an intellectual pursuit nor a point of pride and achievement. The individual’s personal constitution is the determining factor how this third dimension of the cosmos finds its way or expression in them. Subtle matter, including energy of the cosmic awareness may become entangled in fine substance, or be entrapped as sublime essence. This is the spark, or the light, or the fire of what humans like to call the soul, the spirit, ‘God’s breath of life’. Different religions interpret it differently. Some believing it is only humans who can have a claim to a soul, others, like in Hinduism and Buddhism, accept that other creatures have a soul as well. Naturally, Sozieterna considers the third dimension of life as a component in all and of everything though it may not be to the same amount or extent. It varies, even among themselves, and it is not 'God'. Once again, Cosmic awareness is not God, and soul is not considered as godly or like God. 

This is a highly speculative and controversial topic. It cannot be scientifically explained, nor is there any evidence, no matter who puts a claim in for knowing the truth or being certain to be right. Sozieterna is as much right or wrong, but the truth as they see it, is based on their time over time accumulated wisdom and insight, being “old souls”. As pointed out in the previous article about Sozieterna and in view of scientific understanding of the cosmos it would indeed be a rigid stance to believe that earth’s civilization was the only civilization possible, none preceding it and none in existence anywhere but Earth now. Even if Sozieterna’s civilization has no planet to show for, be it in the past or anywhere at present, their physical age has nothing to do with it because their existence now is earth related, being humans. It is their spiritual age they refer to when they talk about being older than “Earthlings”. The measure of time in the organic world differs to the reality of the cosmic.

No thought, no knowledge, no emotion, no feeling, no spoken word as in sound, no breath or conscious life energy is ever lost. People may think it silly to have prayer flags and prayer wheels whirling prayers into the expanses of the universe but it is not as silly as they think. They send out waves swinging in their frequencies and vibrations and in effect travelling through matter, space and time. Any motion brings change, interacts, and interferes with anything. If one has an angry thought, speaks angry words in an angry voice that energy has a different quality than peaceful thoughts or words of love have. The energy and sound resulting in motions or vibrations differ and their effect is therefore different. 

But how can the content of what is thought or said not be lost? How can knowledge not be lost? Well, it may not be necessary or even feasible to try to unravel the makings of the cosmic awareness, just looking into the cosmos of our brain may suffice, for now, because what happens in the micro-cosmos is nothing but an imitation of the macro-cosmos, as Sozieterna has seen over and over again. Lots of the brain’s secrets have been explored but lots of it is still not. One can only hypothesize. The biological substrates we have identified but not the essence of our own consciousness or conscious awareness with its individualistic thought content, the emotional and intellectual perception of our external or internal world. Intuition, ‘gut feelings’, enlightenment cannot be a product of basic matter and biological functioning alone, but in interaction with all three dimensions of life, cosmic awareness can manifest and be expressed in various life forms, creating the worlds we know and the others we don’t. The cosmos has a memory bank just as biological life has a DNA and our brain has memory. How human memory is stored is not clear yet, but it is there to our disposal all the same and it stores everything important or necessary of and in our life, though we are not always aware of it either. Some enlightened beings have the wisdom of cosmic awareness, some beings can access cosmic memory, but it is fair to presume, that it will take far more time of organic evolution to capture more and more of cosmic awareness so enlightened beings become the norm instead being exceptions.

To make also another point very clear, Sozieterna does not claim to be an enlightened society, though they can claim they have more awareness generally and some have reached truly high wisdom and insights. That is the maturity of what they see in themselves, knowing that their life on earth is not their first or only one, though it may be their first on Earth. The difference to the young life that has emerged from planet Earth alone is that Conscious Life here is just beginning. Unfortunately, it may not reach its full potential, if humans cannot make the necessary adjustments. That is the reason why Sozieterna stepped into the public arena, because help is needed, urgently and on all levels.

Now a last word to the reluctance of Sozieternas to be in the public eye. They believe their understanding of truth will be distorted and this may distract them unnecessarily from their purpose of life. They do not wish to have endless or fruitless discussions with Non-Sozieternas because they believe every life has its own purpose and no teaching or preaching is a good tool to educate the young. It is best done by example. They also consider it a waste of time to try to change the self-centered greediness and destructive attitude of the human race particularly at this critical point in time where the majority of humans seem to be oblivious to the consequences of their action, truly gorging themselves to extinction quite happily as if they had no other or better choices. There is little evidence that people are open to think, act and care for anything else but themselves. Their immediate gratification is the ultimate goal. It seems the motto is, to hell with life, love and peace, to hell with happiness, the world is going to end anyway. Sozieterna listens in disbelieve to the politicians and power yielding and money hungry decision makers, observing the angst ridden and brutal fanatics in all walks of life, how they torment, torture and abuse the innocent and helpless, be it the environment, animals or their fellow man. Their conclusion ends therefore with the question: Can we really make a difference?

Then again, there are the ones in human society who want the change and who put all their energy into it. It is enough reason why Sozieterna will carry on with their effort as well, to join with all the like-minded souls for the sake of beautiful Mother Earth and all she has birthed. No life should suffer at the hand of man, being ultimately his own demise.      



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