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THEMA: History, Traditions, Picturebooks

History, Traditions, Picturebooks 1 Jahr 5 Monate her #565

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So the queen has passed, another picture in the album, but tradition has not joined her, a new king has taken her place. Whatever one may think about the queen as a person, as the monarch for such a long time she was more an institution than a woman of flesh and blood. My question however is, what are people thinking? Have monachies indeed a birthright to own a country, rule over people for better or worse? Do people ever learn from history, or do they rather cling to tradition, because it is just such a convernient way, to avoid their own life challenges. Yes, humans are obviously herd animals, who follow the leader. However, it is more than necessary to break free from that instinctual tradition and definitely from those which are human made. Has history not shown us, how few good leaders have ever ruled? Did any of the jewel encrusted figures do much for their folks? I say, they have been only good for colorful pictures on display, while the common people do the work and wait on crumms from the tables of the rich. Nobody of the right mind, or just normal intelligence can find enough good points, to justify the hanging on to traditions. Only the ones who benefit from the hierarchies that come with it, have reasons to keep up what keeps them in their illusion to have importance and rights. Of course, the leaders feed them well, since they help to maintain the order. Thus, the power trickles down from the head through the ranks until nothing is left for the masses. All the while all bow to the one above and folks is kept in ignorance and dependance to prevent them understand their power and their birth rights. Humans seem not to want to know, what power, freedom, wisdom and knowledge actually mean and do. Just show them beautiful pictures and they are in awe. Of course, they can be proud too, because it is their sweat that gives their rulers all the trimmings to show off, but is that truly enough to feed their hungry families? Indeed, if history has taught us one thing, it is that humans just don't want to learn. So! Open up the picture books and see if you can live of it. I for myself rather look at nature, which is far more satisfying, in the true meaning of that word.
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