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THEMA: How to continue tradition

How to continue tradition 1 Monat 3 Wochen her #556

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Kate Middleton demonstrates. In a Saturday news paper an article shows a fashionably pink dressed future queen under the title "Kate takes a stand for kids". Well, the paper is known for its substandards of reporting and yes, it glorifies the stand Kate takes to help kids from living in an emotionally unsettled and unhappy environment. She wants to teach these kids tools how to cope with their emotions, because it would prevent them from becoming unadapted adults that turn to drugs and crime. Wow! Indeed! Kate knows, how to uphold tradition. And the tradition is, to be hardened and be made fit for a cruel world. It says, get over it, you little brats, here is a manual, how to endure a loveless, abusive and counterproductive childhood. There are ways how to cope and still become nice citizens that serve the snobs, because let's face it, this is the tradition that served the rich and ruling well to stay in power. without getting lost in too much caring for anything, be it kids, animals, let alone environment. Sadly, tools never make up for the love, the nurturing, the encouragement that was not given, but it will tell a kid, it is okay to be abusive, you just need to know how to withstand the pain. It teaches to grow into the same relentless world of exploitation since the adult tell you there is nothing wrong with it. It is your fault and your problem that fortunately can be fixed and then you can become the same cold and mean spirited person that can make the world your playground.
That is the tradition! Monarchies, tyrants, presidents, criminals, politicians and mafiosi, all caring for tradition. Never break the cycle, never change to something better, like love and care and happiness. After all, power and control is what makes the world going round. And now, with the NWO coming, it is even more necessary to stick to tradition, because humans are now obsolete. So kiddy, learn to withstand pain, that is the only way to stay alive and escape the machines which will replace most of you anyway.
Good Kate, Who was and is your teacher? Taking a stand for the children? No, maybe for yours, but not for any other. You do not even make a stand for a better world, but you stand for tradion. Of course! Otherwise you would not have become a future queen. See what happened to fragile Diana. Never mind! But you are as much fake on the inside as the sweet outside picture of you in pink shows: Candy, but sickening after all.
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