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About... Life and the human species (Part 1/3)

Veröffentlicht von am in General Ideas

Our articles start more often than not with definitions to prevent confusion and misunderstandings. It is particularly necessary for this topic, because no unequivocally accepted definition of Life exists. Therefore, it would be challenging to work through the details and understand the difference between the common and Sozieterna’s definition, since our concept of Life differs from the commonly held view. The point of this article is to emphasise on the difference, but also to explore the origin of Life, with special focus on organic life for the above given reasons and because its origin still causes so much debate. Mind you, Sozieterna’s view is not unique, but one has to search for it in archives, libraries and, old scriptures, in the teachings of the East and the not quite as old lectures of scholars of the West.

So let’s start with the definitions! What is Life? The current officially accepted definitions say: 

“Life is a characteristic that distinguishes physical entities that have biological processes from those that do not, either because such functions have ceased or never had it and are therefore classified as inanimate. There are various forms of life, such as plants, animals, fungi, archaea and, bacteria. Biology is the science concerned with the study of these.”

Another version is: “Life is present in organisms which are open systems that maintain homeostasis, are composed of cells, have a life cycle, can grow and adapt and undergo metabolism that sustains their life, respond to stimuli, reproduce and evolve.” Some scientists include viroids, others don’t.  

Very wordy definitions indeed meaning but the same that “Life” applies to organic life only, not to matter or “dead things”. Inorganic matter/objects such as rock, earth or, an expired organism supposedly cannot have life, because essentially, they do not move, eat and, propagate. 

This view is so ingrained in the human psyche that it is utmost difficult to allow for a shift away from it. But the view is deceptive, if not delusional. It is incomplete at best. Insisting that only when something shows initiative and action, therefore moves and does things, due to an “inner drive”, (consciously or not), is flawed for more than one reason, but especially because it assumes an instinctual, or a determined behavioural pattern, even a will to live, to propagate (and die?). As a criteria to define Life, this is confusing. Nobody really considers a single cell organism of having determination, a will or a wish to live, since these are mental functions. Instinct, drive, behaviour, will, even genetically conditioned impulse, all raise more questions than give answers. They imply some sort of at least a basic sense, or some neuronal/mental base activity, some kind of cognition, or possibly even a kind of inherent “consciousness” that overarches the matter living things consist of. After all, consciousness, including any of the above mentioned initiatives, are a neuronal action - reaction loop, which is hardly applicable to the primitive life forms which have no neuronal development, let alone a brain. Instinct and drive are not a reflex action either, which is a short circuit defence mechanism to protect an organism’s life. Reflexes do not initiate drive, neither instinctual drive nor genetic impulses either. Hence, attributing any kind of initiative to an organism, including brainless viroids, microbes and bacteria, these popular Life definitions pin you hopelessly down with the dilemma of biology versus philosophy, and/or theology. Having no brain, biologically speaking, organisms would therefore have to have some kind of inherent and imperceptible mental functioning and/or spiritual consciousness, the animus of life, (from Latin). That may well be but, let us keep it more factual, - any drive sure is a sign of life, it just is in itself not enough to explain Life, nor define it. 

Drive/will, using physics’ language, are but an action, which is a directed motion, or a progressive movement, along a time line and in space. It means, they are a force, present in the universe in all kinds of shape and order. A force confined into a small space like a cell, however, does postulate the arrival of organic life, signifying that an organism (entity) moves thanks to the force captured within. This is indeed a mile stone in the trajectory of Life altogether, but the force in itself is the trajectory, the pathway of evolution. Drive and will, simply said, though inherent and an essential part of organic life, they are a function and serve the purpose of survival, but they are not an organism’s property, meaning, not solely assigned to them specifically. In fact, an organism has no choice but to live. This is the point of confusion; - Life does not begin with organic life, it starts with the cosmos, the Big Bang (BB) to be precise, which marks according to science, at least for now, the beginning of our universe and Life as we know it. 

Of course, there are enough open questions, and of course, it is reasonable that scientists scratch their head and the biologist asks, where did this organic life come from? Is it comets? Meteorites? Was it rained on to earth by waves of cosmic events somewhere in space or, indeed, how can life come from matter? Does organic life come from Earth itself?  Well, it is pointless to put walls on shaky ground, meaning, to ask these questions, if you have not fixed the foundation first, meaning, to correct the definitions of what Life is, otherwise you simply cannot move on.   

So, there you have it, the problem lies in the common definition of “Life”, insisting on an arbitrary demarcation point where “life” begins but not answering what Life is. Anyway! There are attempts to simplify the wordy definitions of Life, like: “An entity is considered to be ‘alive’ if it has the capacity to carry out three basic activities, such as metabolism, self-repair and replication.” (Quoted as by John Casti, American mathematician and author).

NASA offers however the best definition: “Life is a self-sustaining chemical system”, and, “Life is matter that can reproduce itself and evolve as survival dictates.”

Thank you, NASA! There is indeed no need for a lot of words for something that is quite simple to define. At least, coming from NASA, Sozieterna’s concepts of existence do no longer sound too farfetched, implausible or, unrealistic, stating that ‘Life is movement’! Full stop! Life is not confined to organic life. It includes all development that has brought the universe with all its galaxies, stars and planets and their organisms into existence. Life is action. Life is a process. The universe is as good alive as you and me or any insect, flower, atom and particle (remember they have a spin!). There are different forms of life, yes, by all means. There are differences simply due to the time factor attached to it and the evolutionary pathways taken, evident in the level of specialisation and sophistication as the process continues. And the higher, the longer it goes, figuratively speaking, the more complex it gets. 

The very basic distinctions of Life can be classified into 3 life forms, or 3 very succinct areas, valuable in their own right, and working together: Inanimate life, Organic life, Spiritual life 

Inanimate life: Roughly speaking is life contained in matter or, the life of inorganic matter

Animate life:  Applies to sensual and intelligent life forms, with feelings and cognition, (or organic life in the lengthy definition as outlined above).

Spiritual life:  Which is the elusive state of life that so far intelligent life forms, us, struggle to understand and explain. Cognition serves as a bridge, offering an entrance into the realm unknown, therefore the category is expressed as mental/spiritual life.            

The spiritual part of evolution lies ahead of mankind. Apart from some exceptions, who may  be called “catalysts or initiators”, man has not yet caught up with even understanding the possibilities that come with such development, despite being the most intelligent species of the animal world. Partially that is due to his tendency to separate things, compartmentalize. With all the advantage it brings, it hinders too. To comprehend the inseparable nature of things does not come easy, regardless if it is in plain sight or not. For example, humans may consider life and death as inseparable as a figure of speech, but not in form of existence and non-existence, they are something very separate. What they mean by saying “that’s Life” is, - you can only have life, or death, despite that Life is life and death! 

Compartmentalisation is more often than not the root of confusion. Intellectual thought processes become bias, leading to faulty conclusions. For instance, if you die, you cease to exist as the organic entity. Your disintegration but is part of Life. You are part of the Life cycle, meaning, you get recycled. Non-existence just means re-integration of (your and all) solid matter into the bigger or formless scale of existence. You may live on as a spiritual entity, where solid matter is of little or no significance, (a topic worth to explore another time), but not to acknowledge that distinction and separation are just a useful tool, has the down-side of exclusivity of one or the other, to the detriment of the inseparable unity that Life itself is.

On what grounds, you may asked can Sozieterna claim that its concept of life has credibility. Well, Sozieterna does not claim anything. There is no intent to convince anyone as to what Sozieterna considers the truth and lives by. But sure is, we know what we are talking about. We like logic and utilise the available knowledge to connect the dots relevant to us and our understanding of Life and Truth. Others may prefer to believe, whatever that may be.

Naturally, talking about Life, we have to go back in time to its origin, at least to a certain extent. “Life” as we know it began with the Big Bang (BB). We have already delved into the intricacies of BB before in other articles and, the concerning reader may wish to research it at his own leisure via other sources too, but in this article we look at some of the systemic principles involved, which play a role in the building of matter, ergo the world as we know it, but we’ll look only at the fringe into the details involved. 

Emerging out of the primordial plasma-gluon soup well after the BB, with the elementary forces and particles still swirling, evolution is already well on its way. With the actual “birth” behind it, all the basic ingredients of matter are within that soup, which will make up everything in existence we see now, and what is still to come. ‘Birth’ was facilitated by the immense energy set free by BB, and growth adheres and is guided by the inherent natural laws of physics, which science tediously and patiently has laid bare. Note! The main principle, the fundamental law of nature, comes down to be basically wave dynamics, oscillating from the disorganised to the organised and vice versa, (conceptually, from chaos to order, or systematically from random to tidal wave). By the way and interestingly, the expression “soup” is an intriguing choice of word, implying it to be a watery fluid. And as it has become known, the quark-gluon plasma flows indeed like water, due to the ratio of its constituents, which is apparently the same for both. The analogy is striking and convincing by association, - both are essential to Life, inanimate and organic life alike.  

However, the point to make here refers to something different. Regardless of BB’s dimension and setting, there was energy. Unfortunately, defining energy is as confusing as the one of Life though for different reasons. Energy is a quantum (of the electromagnetic field) in the realm of particle physics, where particles and waves follow the uncertainty principle and where wave and particle are the same, assuming one or the other state, or superpose, meaning they have dual functioning, behaving according to and dependant on the state they are in, which may be one or the other, or as one in dual state like a coin with 2 sides. In mechanical physics energy is seen as a quantity (!), always attached to something such as a body or a system. It is no entity of its own. Such statement explains and describes what energy does, not what it is. The unfortunate gap between quantum and mechanical physics becomes very clear here. Despite the obvious, the either/or approach hinders integration because it does not consider the quantum physics duality as the nature of things. But let us focus on the fact that both are valid approaches and as applicable to energy in its dual quality as in its dual functioning. 

To simplify, energy is the core and the heartbeat, the beating heart in fact, it is the precursor of the BB and everything that follows. Figuratively, BB is contained in a ball of energy and may be seen as a point, or particle, resembling a seed, filled and alive with energy within, held together by the pivotal point of power that lies between two poles of opposing charges. It is potential energy kept in balance. It is alive but in a state that requires a certain amount of adjustable inner strength to maintain the status quo, because the overall situation within is constantly in flux and thus labile. And then ‘bang’! It could no longer hold on to balance, the power system broke down, either because its inner strength faded and had to give in, or because external conditions got the better of it, or the pressure got the better of it and the confined power tore it apart, ending the confinement and the wave began rolling in all directions. The jury for what the reasons were for coming off balance is out there, but sure is that it made the seed sprout. From the physics point of view, there is no such thing that a fluctuating or labile system can remain in an absolute same state forever, confined or not. Strictly speaking the only absolute is the relative. The causes of the BB are but irrelevant to the topic here, since the focus is on energy, its nature and interrelationship with Life in motion. BB was just the jump start to evolution of matter and Life as we know it. For the physicist it is the breaking of the symmetry of the system that interests him. For the biologist it is the homeostasis he is compelled to study and for the philosopher it is peace and harmony that catches his attention. But all are qualitatively, conceptually and practically the same.

Any arrested or controlled force harbors potential energy, due to its power being contained. Perfect symmetry, balance, homeostasis means that this is the state of stillness, where no energy is spent. In essence it is Nirvana. But despite its relevance, this applies to Life as the subject of interest in this article only conditionally. It applies however unconditionally to the transcendental state of Brahman in the Hindu religion or the Buddha in Buddhism, and the One in Christian believe, though not to a God as entity as the Christians portray the One. Please note, it does not mean, there is none or no chance of motion in stillness. It just means pure energy is in the state of the least possible expenditure. It compares to the state of ultimate consciousness where thought and reality meet and are one, as in superposition, the quantum state. These are the 2 states of nirvana, two layers, both transcendental in nature, one coin with 2 sides. It means, momentum is “at rest’, but can and will increase, never mind how long it may take and if it is a conscious decision or not, it can, and will eventually override inertia. That is the momentum of BB, the symmetry breaking, the loss of balance and homeostasis. Now in flux, it starts the process of Life and is energy in motion, which will build up on itself, utilizing any released and newly generated energy in the best and whichever way possible. Energy, ergo Life, actually establishes its own energy supply system from the outset: As one thing is created the other succumbs. Life and death are therefore the perfect cycling arrangement. But any force, any movement, all vibrations, oscillations, thermodynamic currents and flows and, all matter, you and me, you name it, it all is and depends on that energy. Energy is Life, energy has life, energy is alive. Look at the universe down to planet Earth und its organic life forms, all need, contains and releases energy, and death is part of it. Indeed, it is true, death does not end Life, it frees up energy for Life to go on. Eternal Life is no phantasy, but the breaking of harmony, symmetry, balance, no matter what name you give it, sets the wheel in motion. 

In summary, potential energy does not mean it is absolutely stable or absolutely labile, it oscillates between one and the other. Anything in motion will seek the lowest possible energy state to allow a system to come to rest, achieve harmony again, equilibrium and peace of mind. And vice versa, it will break free because - it is the inherent nature of Life, where the absolute is in itself relative. To conserve energy, save energy is but a necessity. After all, to condense energy into matter and maintain it as such, is a high demand and costly fuel business. The available energy has to be spent wisely since the amount of energy stays the same, exactly as physics states it. But as long as there is energy, there is life, regardless which state it assumes or it is in. 

Science, still not knowing everything, provides the best explored and documented evidence for most of the facts of inanimate/organic life. It does not claim to know the answers to the why of existence and steers away from any such questions. Instead, it seeks to answer how things works and that is good enough, because evolution is a work in progress and answers will be revealed as it goes. Humans are just at the beginning to grasp the biggest mystery, making the next big step that is the mental/spiritual aspect of Life. But, scientists also have their personal flaws. After all, they are humans who err all the time. Be alert! It is important to understand sciences’ limitations. 

This brings into focus again, why science has so much trouble with the definition of life: It is such a dead set tradition to think of Life only in terms of organic life. Not to get bogged down in an argument, - for Sozieternas the principles of Life remain the same for all three categories, no matter how different the appearance of them is. It means, when we look and explore them, we will always come back to these principles, since they are the basis all Life is built upon. 

Let us ask now the question, where did organic life on Earth come from and how did it evolve? 

Opinions about the origin of organic life are diverse and just as colourful. Closer to home is the hypothesis that it may have evolved on earth in deep sea volcanic vents or in calm pools of water on earth’s crust. There is also the thought of “Gaia”, postulating that Earth itself is an organism that breeds life, nurtures it and recycles it to keep the organism (itself) alive. Gaia is of course no new idea, it has been around for ages, but never been taken seriously, until now. Evidence is mounting that this view may not be that far off the mark as once thought. The debate however is still skewed to the out of space origin, which Sozieterna finds rather amusing, because, let’s face it, where did life in the universe come from? Why would the universe be able to produce life, or at least the building blocks of life, but not Earth? What you can find here on earth, you find in the universe all the same and vice versa. Thiopene was found on Mars and in meteors that landed on Earth. The buzz now is that life was possible, if not probable on Mars at one point in time too, and may still be found there as we speak. Could Mars be the origin of life on Earth? Remember Eric van Daniken, who made a case of ancient paintings resembling astronauts, implying aliens settled here from out of space helping the primitive humans to advance in every aspect of their lives? While nothing is impossible, Sozieterna but wonders, why science still grabbles with speculations, when actually the ingredients for life are readily found everywhere, in the universe and on Earth. Even if one does not consider Earth as an organism itself, it sure is capable of generating life, full stop. Never mind alien life remnants reigning down on earth in whatever form, or alien civilizations, Martians or Orians or others unknown. Aliens may have visited, or indeed sought a new home because who knows, they may have lived on Mars but destroying the planet just as humans currently do with Earth. Nobody as yet can prove or disprove one or the other and it does not matter anyway, because, and please take note: Life is no incidence, no accident, and no rare event at all. Life and evolution are inevitable. Life just comes in different forms, which confuses the not really as highly intelligent people of Earth as they think they are. 

Life as a process evolves and specialises. In essence, Life is energy and energy is the God religious doctrine tells you exists as the ever present, the omnipotent, the elusive Being. But God cannot be found anywhere because no such entity exists all by itself. The spirit, or better, the energy, the potential, is innate. If you are comfortable to give this intrinsic state of Life a name, then name it God, or whatever you wish, but accept the fact that “God” is an expression of life, meaning that you as everything else is God, with all the positive and negative that is the prerequisite of creation, that is our universe, including the good and evil that makes up you, your character, your mind and spirit. The Buddhists insist, their ‘religion’ is a way of life. Sozieterna cannot agree more. Though Sozieterna does not ascribe to Buddhism, nor to any particular congregations, its members may choose a God expression that represents an aspect of life they relate to, but it is of no relevance to Sozieterna as a nation, because its members accept Life and God as interchangeable, as a matter of speech and concept. It has no bearing on how they treat and experience Life. For them, Life strives from humble beginnings to specialised perfection. It is the eternal cycle of life. Sozieternas call it also the ultimate phase transition principle, starting from an undifferentiated and omnipotent state of unbroken symmetry in the ultimate balance of power, to the ultimate differentiated Potency at the climax of evolution. Both are just pinnacles, which people like to call God in their traditions. If you wish to learn more on this, please read the chapter 5, part 4 of Femina’s Book DNA II. It contains a discussion on that subject, (in case you have or do not read her book, chapter 5, part 1-6, deals with the subject the way it affected Femina at one point in her life and is therefore in layman’s language).

But let us look what science has to say to the origin of organic life on Earth, which is about 4,5 billion years old. How Earth came about is in itself interesting but please explore at your own leisure through other literature. 

Since the all-important point is essentially the role of energy, we have to begin with it, particularly since energy has never been contemplated in its entirety and implication. It was never expressed in terms of philosophical concepts either, despite being fundamental in every aspect of Life. Energy is generally only dealt with in physics. It is not understood in its complexity as the essence of existence itself, nor as the expression of the materially invisible and visible worlds. Despite us humans talking a lot about energy in context of our health, our well-being and productivity, we do not link up the roles it plays overall. Acknowledging energy as the force of Life holistically, we cannot stress enough, brings a new dimension to our mind set and may well lead to new approaches to long standing open questions like what dark energy and dark matter are. Or, what role energy has in the elusive realm of philosophical and spiritual thought, so humans can stop chasing God and never find him. So! Let us talk again and a bit more about Energy, E=mc2!

The very elegant formula, thanks Albert, tells us what energy is in physics, or better, what it is in the phase of solid matter. Matter, as we know, can present itself in different forms, depending on the phase it is in. E.g. water can be fluid, solid as in ice, gaseous as in steam. This are the most common phases of all matter, not just for water. There is also plasma. And there are the between states of phases, like metaphases and interphases. And every time, when matter undergoes a phase transition (be it by heating, cooling, pressure etc.), the one and the same thing ends up to look and behave so differently that one may consider it as having no relationship with each other at all. 

Phases are the arrangements of atoms that give matter its specific form and properties. We know from practical experience how water can change, how it behaves and what it looks like in its different phases, but in other cases we do not. Phase transition is an active process, facilitating atomic rearrangements, which is in fact an action of Life. Despite occurring in the inanimate stage of objects (like water), a phase change is ‘life’ changing or, a “change of life” for that object. 

Phases apply to energy itself. It has its own phase settings and in each state, it appears very different to the other. Initially, energy has no form, no set directives and is certainly not visible, at least not to human eyes. This phase, called the phase of potential, is omnipotent. It is Life’s potential. When contained in a system and bound to an energy field, movement is constrained and though it can move in any given direction, it is only assuming the state of a collection of forces that are the potential energy, the power it holds. The forces may or may not wildly bubble and boil, just “jitter”, only sometimes bursting at random into an array of local waves and whirls, disintegrating again or reaching a momentum of condensation, a point where waves may intersect, or clash and/or annihilate each other. This is Phase I of energy and represents energy in its basic form. Synonymous with phase I, the ground of seeding, is David Bohm’s quantum potential of a pervasive quantum field. (Read our article on “Strings, Holograms and associated Things”, the last 2 pages as our reference). It is the quanta and quantum potential all in one.

Phase II of energy is the realm of quantum physics, the more condensed form of energy, the plasma-gluon and gaseous phase, where elementary particles and elementary forces are present, observable as wave or particle, under the rule of the Uncertainty Principle but definitely concrete as one or the other. Being energy all the same, it is moving/kinetic energy, no longer bound to a field’s matrix but to particles/waves, which move along their own specific speed and order. In this state, quantum superposition, waves and particles are a reality. It is here where the foundation of a visible world is laid.

In Phase III we leave the invisible realm of energy for good and enter the atomic world, far more tangible and far more accessible for human exploration. Unfortunately that is the point where energy is no longer considered as something in its own right, only as being an inherent ingredient, not an expression of itself. Bound now in a conglomerate, a system of entanglement of particles and forces, binding together actively, close or at distance, this form of energy serves as the building block for bigger things to come. Atoms, molecules, all are accumulating matter, which is after all condensed energy. It obviously needs free energy too, so not all energy can be bound in order to foster the process, meaning, you now have very clearly bound and free energy. And energy has the capability to be and do just that, being a double agent, on the one hand consuming and releasing part of its energy to transit into another form, and on the other hand consolidating in accumulated matter, and all this according to and depending on environmental and specific demands. Energy is but the master of matter, not the other way round. As densified energy, in this phase it is flexible, it is matter in the fluid phase and as such it is observable and tangible. But nobody sees it now as energy itself, only as something having energy, because in physic’s current model, energy is not something “pure”. It is only something in context of something else. Of course, humans made this assumption and they stick to it no matter what, or until ‘proven’ otherwise.

Phase IV of energy is energy in the form of all our visible solid matter, E=mc2, which says it all: It is mass, it has speed (as in motion). It is a force and it has power. The square potential of speed has a mathematical application but should in this instant serve as the 2 facets of force applicable to matter, meaning, one is contained within the matter, the other acts as the force that drives development within the space in which it exists. So! Energy is mass in motion, intrinsic power and a force in the space-time dimension. Mass is energy at rest, holding force potential and power within. 

Dark matter, dark energy? It is the other side of the coin since we live in a dualistic world where every particle has its antiparticle and every force has a forward and backward direction. David Bohm deserves another study of what he calls the “implicate and explicate order” and so does John Wheeler, who says matter is the manifestation of information. But energy is the core (heart) and the heartbeat of all of it. It expresses life of its own and in its own right. The universe is the visual expression of it, and so are we. Starting minute (as in BB), it accelerates, building up on the previous achieved. It branches out into plain and into space, moving dimensionally and also creating its own dimensions. It may behave like the snowball that runs down the hill to become an avalanche, but no matter what, the principle stays the same and E=mc2 says it fair and square, in Phase IV energy is solidified matter, (like water is ice).

Well, since solid matter occupies space, let us talk about dimensions. After all, we live in a dimensional world, which is another way to figuratively experience energy, visualize Life and conceptualize evolution since all is built dimensionally. Movement is dimensional and, it creates dimensions: First you have a point to start from, than movement creates a line, which is in fact, one point after the other. A line can go in one or more and any direction. It may not be a straight line either, but a curve, a wave, undulating, cycling, circling, or branching off the line, - it still follows the same principle, one point, and one step at the time. It is the same concept of starting small to going big, though now in context of dimensions. To move you need space, right? But if there was no space? Well, with force you can tunnel one out. Besides, ‘Nothing’ is not really nothing, it is at least the opposite of ‘Something’. Or let’s say, non movement is just a (localized) potential, like the BB, a point in time occupying a localised space, (or a black hole in the centre of a galaxy), which is Energy compressed into a minute space! One could say, hyperinflation of BB was just the force “clearing the way”.

Of course, as energy becomes complex, and ever more visible, we, the intelligent product of it, become aware that we do not live in a one dimensional but three dimensional world, plus the space-time dimension, the 4th, which still is a challenge for us to comprehend as a truly tangible reality. Anyway! Consider lines, waves, curves, - all can and do form shapes as they expand, connecting up with each other, branching out into different directions  and, after all, into space. They band together as if seeking each other’s company, accumulating to specific structures and after all, cells and skeletons. And all but from a single point, one step at the time and as always, movement is the prerequisite. Within the point lies potential, it is the “ball of energy” which, as it expands and inflates, literally, starts the ball rolling. And as long as it has and generates energy it will keep going. Energy is spent in the process but is never lost. It just undergoes a transformation, which always relates to the amount of energy contained within the system (point), since overall, there is no other external source of supply. To fuel the process, free energy has to be available and you guessed right, the key is, as one thing is built, another has to go, constantly recycling energy. So you can say, energy is relative in every aspect, including all its phase appearances, - and so is Life in general, including ours. 

To make creation even more impressive, simplicity rules and is the magic of Life unfolding. It gives rise to the most intricate and wondrous, though the underlying (or overarching) principles are extraordinarily simple. We often say it is the simple things in life that makes life worthwhile and have then to admit, they may be far more difficult to behold, because order falls into disarray and balances are broken and we get lost amongst it in confusion. When BB, the point in time, bursts into the scene, its potential energy is released and falls into the patterns of movement, governed by the natural law of its own inherent quality. Thanks to our busy scientists who cannot sleep, when there are open questions, we now can marvel about the unveiled mysteries, because Life, the real thing, is simple and truly magnificent.

To summarize, energy is “It” (Life). Our world, as we know it, is but one expression of many possibilities. The principles of Life (energy) don’t change, only the expression of it does. As it manifests in phases that look and feel and behave as if they were not one and the same thing, we are the ones lost in translation. Well! You may argue that ice and water are not the same and you are right too, they aren’t, but both are still H2O, despite the difference in appearance and application. 

Animate life, following these principles, made and continues to make the comprehension of itself accessible to even the primitive life forms via neuronal development. The human brain is just a specific culmination. Despite that, we still do not understand our own life, nor Life as a whole. However! Earth is not the only place, where organic life exists. It sure can be found elsewhere in the vast universe, just not necessarily in all places and probably unlike that on earth. It may also be far more advanced than we are. Due to the fact that evolution follows a pattern according to the laws of physics which determine the evolution of the cosmos, repetition is something integral too. It is used from the beginning and as that highly successful all the way, demonstrated in nature wherever we look. Why would we think organic life is exclusive to Earth or be an exception in the universe as far as intelligence goes? 

Never mind, let us return to the basic question scientists struggle with that is how organic life can evolve from the inanimate material world, (here on Earth, or elsewhere). Though science has enough evidence to show our life is well and truly earth’s own fruit, it is not unreasonable to suggest it may have been seeded from space debris. Both happens and occurs simultaneously anyway. But why deny Earth its potential? Earth was a fireball as so many other planets are right now. It cooled down and like the skin in a cup of hot milk, a crust formed though still being like an oven, with fires burning and food cooking, constantly spewing out all these new rocks so fertile for life to thrive. Why should it not be the source of organic life? Just look of what organic life here on Earth is made of. All the ingredients are from this planet. Not enough alien matter has been found to suggest an origin from a truly alien world. However! Our universe is not an alien world either, it is our world, and we are the product of the cosmos, Earth and all, but Earth is our mother and our home. Though Life is ever present, the puzzle is how matter assembles into the various forms. (See part 2/3) 


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