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TOPIC: Never in my life......

Never in my life...... 3 months 3 weeks ago #511

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.....have I heard so much rubbish coming out of the mouths of so called medical experts and politicians alike. Politicians enforce their personal opinions on to the public (eg. how unnecessary travelling is and people should stay at home), on the advice of experts who don't actually have the credentials of being experts of the fields they claim to be. The public is driven into taking experimental drugs, who can only be administered to patients in emergency situations because the drugs have only provisional registration and remain under scrutiny before actual registration is granted. A so called heath expert is up in arms refusing to give one such type of vaccination to the young due to the so "rare side effects", which could but be a deadly one on the grounds that these side effects are a bigger risk than the viral infection they could contract. Interesting! We know by now that the COV virus does not differentiate between the young and the old, but only the old and the immune compromised will suffer the more serious problems. However, the infection rate may be big, but the death rate is not and any flu affects the elderly and hastens their death. How can anyone still claim this virus is so deadly that it warrants emergency lockdowns, mask wearing and all this social distancing and isolation crap? One thing has shown very clearly, - the health system cannot cope with normal rate of patients who need hospital admissions. Of course it leads to a total break down under an increased demand. But to blame a virus as the culprit to cause the break down is more than a ghastly way to shake off responsibility for poor health care funding. Seeing the video of police tackling normal citizens to the ground because they refuse to obey the utter ridiculous rule of mask wearing raises definitely the question of what this really is about: Saving lives or enforcing rules by the power of state? Where, I ask, is the evidence that mask wearing prevents infections? But there is plenty evidence that mask wearing is counterproductive to respiration rate and health for young and old alike. I also find it disgusting that a government rather sees its population enter civil unrest if not war against each other, creating a split in society of pro and contra groups. Since when are dobbers the kind of people a society can be proud of? The ones who stand up for right or against wrong even at their own detriment, they are the heroes, not the dobbers as far as I know. But a government putting panic into the folks with the full force of their powers what do you call them? Caring? Good leaders? Great statesmen? Sorry, but to coerce folks into obedience, to coerce healthy people to get vaccinated with an unproven drug only saves the politicians' skin from the disaster they have created with their ignorance on what viruses are all about. Knowing now far more than 18 months ago, but still carrying on with totally unsubstantiated claims about the virus, including the variants, is a crime that deserves to be pursued in court. But even that is now in question as the pivot to keep a state's citizens safe from political power misuse no longer exists. It has already become acceptable that laws are pushed through like emergency provisions to disaster areas. Laws nowadays come in overnight without opponents or the public even having time to object. Where are the freedom fighters, the intelligent public, the logically thinking and the responsible sound minded citizens? Have they all gone into hiding. or did they just get ridiculed, name shamed and threatened that there is no class action against such horrific abuse of power? If anyone cries wolf with China, Russia and Nazi organisations, just shut up, because these so called democratic western governments have long joined their parade. Freedom is no longer upheld, Democracy is no longer practiced. Brother against brother and civil war is now the new brave world where dobbers and Yes-sayers are rewarded and everybody else gets shamed and crucified if they raise their head in protest or cause concern for the new "elite". The truth will come out, somewhen that is certain. To contribute to that is worth my while. Maybe that is all I can do, but at least it is better than doing nothing.
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