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TOPIC: A swamp of rotten matter

A swamp of rotten matter 5 months 3 days ago #506

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Which swamp do you think I am talking about? The political one of course, the one of governments and politicians in power, because their stench of moral decay is well up in quantity with greenhouse gases, with the difference that they stink and everyone can smell them, apart from people who are of the same kind, that is rotting themselves, or the ones having lost their organ of smell, due to the constant damage they unknowingly are exposed to. I am happy to be corrected but who can, with a government that lies, cheats, abuses its powers, protects the perpetrators and excuses their own failings with standard phrases of pretention and avoidance. You cannot fool people who listen and care. While these politicians utter compassion, their eyes are cold and when probed they become defensive and quickly hide behind an attack on you or behind useless legal lingo and privacy concerns. They make promises they never intend to keep, they sway in their opinion into every direction where they can find a vote and turn around in seconds if there is a chance to get more votes somewhere else. They have no real backbone, no conscience, no regards for anyone else but their ego and their own gains. There was never an intend to save lives from the current virus, which is a saga in itself, but there certainly was a unified rush to save their asses from discovery that the health care system has been limping along on bare feet and does not even function at best of times. Scandal after scandal in all areas of governing and politicians' personal conduct! They are simply denied, swept under the carpet or out the door and, investigations into any, though they do occur, they never see any change coming, and after a while it is business as usual. These politicians are happy to give themselves a rise of the already generous income, while they freeze everyone else's, because oh so hard times have come, which do not allow for more spending since spending they do, just not there, where it would be necessary. Covid should bring change? It already did, but not for the better. Killing freedom, indeed democracy, instating bureaucratic rule, power yielded by corrupt and rotten politicians, who manipulate the public with the obliging press and "experts" paid handsomely as their employees, this is certainly not the change anyone should agree with. But as someone said to me, people still can vote. Yes! They can vote in Russia too and in China and in all the pretend democracies, where the power lies with the rulers, not the public, where it belongs. Then again, give the people bread and games and they will be happy. Caesar already knew that and now we have it all the same. Honestly, I am not sure, what disgusts me more, the rotten core of politics or the public. However, I still believe the power brokers are worse because they know what they are doing, while the public just gets fooled, meaning, there are at least not all of them as rotten. .
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