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TOPIC: Beasts of Burden

Beasts of Burden 5 months 2 weeks ago #504

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Currently there are many discussions around domestic violence. But neither is that something new, nor will it bring anything more than may be new laws which are at best some punishment for the perpetrator but no protection against violence. And let us face it, women always were and will be the victims. All over the world, and not just of domestic violence, they are victims of violence, plain as. They are the true beasts of burden like all animals are. In some societies they are not even considered human. The male dominated society is the fundamental structure of all the world's societies and it is responsible for all violence (and cruelty), against each other, and of course, particularly women and animals. Biologically rooted it may be, (just look at chimpanzees, our closest relatives), it is long overdue to transform the raw energy of it into something constructive. It definitely is no excuse, not for "advanced societies" at least, as we claim to be. But male oriented societies are stuck in a time warp because man has never overcome his instinct to spread his genes against all odds and competition. Humans claim to be intelligent beings, not "stupid" animals. Unfortunately, humans of the male gender are worse than any of them. Look around what these humans do to our world. The male oriented dominance in our human species is however a dead end road. Violence sure was successful in the fight of survival but it is not a tool for sustaining life. For that you need homeostasis, biologically speaking, or peace, intellectually speaking. People cry about the death by domestic violence or the current corona pandemic, but do you hear them cry about people dying from hunger, wars, persecutions? Domestic violence causes only sometimes an outcry, because we feel sometimes closer to some victims than others even in our little domestic world, but violence and cruelty happens all around us all the time and we live with it without the slightest complaint. Domestic violence has some markers, which should make us aware of it so we can help a victim. Gaslighting, coercion, social and economic control and, particular isolation from family and friends, all are signs of domestic violence. Well, isn't that interesting! It means, domestic violence is happening right under our noses not only in households but in our country too, and the victims do not even realize it? Indeed! But get real! Every victim realizes sooner or later that things are not right. But they are trapped, have no means to leave, all for usually understandable reasons, and if they finally do, that may end up as victims anyway. And how does the perpetrator justify his behavior? Love, care, protection? He may see it that way but we all know it is anything but. What is wrong with the male oriented and dominated world? Everything! Civilization it is not, because a humane society does not emphasize on differences, manipulation and control or violence, rather on unity, nurturing and care, for all life, be it human, animal, plant and all environments. You want change? By all means, change! But laws will not be the answer and, nothing will change until violence will fulfill human's destiny that is (self-) destruction. .
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