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TOPIC: Perspectives or distorsions?

Perspectives or distorsions? 5 months 3 weeks ago #502

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Lately I watched the news again. I wanted to see, what the media/press makes of the recent events in India. As a side effect I also got updated on Germany. Sadly, nothing was good news, despite me always hoping for the better, it never is. Let me put one thing straight: I feel truly very sorry for every life lost that could be saved. India is at present in a really bad shape. But let us put the things into perspective first, before we judge. Let us look at facts, rather than what we in the "West" hear or read, because the news do not reflect truth in its entirety. First up, the West is generally ignorant of Indian culture and reality, but, the West is also tiering of COV 19. India offers a very welcome opportunity to keep western folks in fear and under control. The events in Germany, as reported, have a sinister political layer put on top of the pandemic ground. What I heard was purposefully distorted and highly politically motivated. They were actually fake news.
Let us look at facts regarding India first. In 2019 its population was 1,366 billion. Delhi has now over 31 million inhabitants. According to the latest information the whole country has 20,665,148 Corona cases and 226,188 died so far. Most likely far more cases go unreported, of both infections and deaths. Terrible it is, because there are many people losing their loved ones due to the health system that cannot cope. But let's be realistic, with a population of 1 billion health care has a very different dimension and one needs also to take Indian culture into account, meaning, the current infection and death rate does not reflect on the deadliness of the virus, but on the inadequate health care. This is but true for Australia and other western countries too, though of course, the governments are denying it against evidence. So, the media fuels the fear of the virus, showing pictures gruesome enough for any sensible person and shocking for the sensitive, who coil up in angst and panic because it serves the purpose of what has been going on since more than a year, where governments make decisions that are more more deadly than the virus and more devastating to the health of the population than should be. All on the advice of the so called experts, who obviously disregard ethical medical practice to which they actually have sworn to. India's sudden explosion of cases was actually intriguing. So I looked a bit deeper into what was reported. There was a mention of religious and political events but the extent of them was underreported. The Kumbh Mela, the biggest festival of all was running this year and political rallies for upcoming elections were also taking place. Both are certainly a formidable opportunity for viral spread, particularly since the Kumbh Mela attracts millions of people, 4 million to be more precise this year. In the 19th century the Kumbh Mela was a hot spot for the cholera that spread from India into Europe devastatingly. I personally have no objection to any gathering if people want to attend. I fully appreciate the cultural importance of the event. I also understand how the Hindu religion views life and death cycles, therefore I understand too why the festival was not cancelled, it is part of Hindu life. I found, as far as I could see in the reports too, that the Indian people are mostly angry at the government for the failure of the heath system, not because they caught the virus. But look at the numbers given above! They do not justify to drum up fear of the virus, rather fear of governments, who neglect their duty for good health care. Any discerning reader can make up his own mind, but being scared by intentionally half baked truths is not warranted.
Now to Germany. In 2 separate interviews did I hear from two different government or party officials that Germany is in the grip of rising right wing radicals that are a threat to the state. The latest rallies against lockdowns, which as far as I have seen and know, were actually peaceful, and insults I observed occurred against participants by the police for no obvious reasons. These rallies however were now tagged as being riddled with violent behavior against police. And generally, the incidence of violence against politicians, judges and various officials was said to be on the rise to the point that some fear for their lives. Both speakers insisted that there was a trend of having the "crazy" conspirators, who deny the deadliness of COV 19, merge with the right wing amongst the population and, including parliament , which was of utmost concern as it poses an immediate risk to peace and democracy. The government was therefore in a state of high alert and is inclined to defend democracy at all cost, meaning they are preparing laws to prevent the worst from happening. This is indeed alarming! But not for the reasons these speakers explained but for the change of law. Democracy was already eroded by the government in power, which is now doing everything to stay in power. These speakers are in fact the evidence itself.
But lets face it, Australia is not better. Here we have a PM who could not fly quick enough Australian citizens out of Wuhan, crying pandemic, when it was not even clear there was one, but now has agreed to a law that punishes Australian citizens abroad should they try to return home under threats of jail and costly penalties. Mind you, it does not seem to apply to other stranded citizens elsewhere but India. And we have everyday fake news and distortion of truths and literally frank lies. But who is the enemy here? The "lefties" and their buddies from the "conspiration league", who should be jailed for standing up against life animal shipping and industrial farm animal cruelty. And so should the climate change activists, the feminists, the COV 19 antagonists. Do I really have to say more? I think not.
Now you can blame it all on the right or wrong perspectives, because what looks true isn't, what looks stable, isn't and what you believe should happen, may or may not come. But one thing is sure, nowadays you cannot believe what the media, the press, the politicians and governments tell you. Perspectives or just plain deception? You decide, but don't deny that your freedom is at stake..
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