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TOPIC: Morons going to war with Facebook

Morons going to war with Facebook 8 months 4 days ago #486

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Of course, the attempt was doomed from the outset because these morons don't seem to understand that Facebook is a platform where anyone can publish for free. It applies to all users of the site, be it private people who post their pictures, the media seeking a wider circle of readers, politicians, or businesses, including government services providing information of whatever kind that may be. It is for all and for free! That made Facebook of course very popular. But suddenly it is no longer to the liking of our government, claiming Facebook as a powerful "monopoly" takes advantage of the local media and therefore Facebook should compensate them. Hello? Would you ask Facebook to pay you for posting your pictures or messages? Do you think you are entitled to that and Facebook is obliged to pay? Of course not! Facebook does not ask anyone to join what to post. They earn no money from the user, only from the advertising business the site allows to run too. But the morons were not happy and tried to force their agenda. Facebook appropriately explained their position and the consequences, if they were forced to act in defense, which they finally did, "unfriending" the demanding morons by taking off all the news and information agencies from their platform. How did the morons react? Of course by declaring war (using the media!), making Facebook the enemy of the state, a villain and a ruthless business that holds the whole country at ransom and greedily extracting money from a struggling media that needs to pay their journalists. What a novelty! The truth is, the morons want money from Facebook. The fact is, employers always have to pay their employees and some businesses go bust. I personally really liked to have the news taken off and other "info" too, because, what the media presents on news always has to be taken with caution. More often than not misleading, distorting the truth and, serving the government as a tool, who has little interest in a free press, fake news are a plenty on platforms as they don't validate. After the morons realizing by losing the platform, they bit their own tail!, they turned around quickly, being happy again with Facebook as their friend. New offers are on the table to be negotiated with Facebook. This the morons claim as a victory, though being nothing more than a retreat with their tails between their legs! But morons, being morons, they bully not learn. By the way, how is that for a prime minister, who needs his wife to set "his head straight" in dealing with not just a scandal in his "House" but a criminal offence under the laws of the state? Anyway! Why all the fuss with Facebook? You guessed it! The morons want and actually need to keep the media happy, particularly since 70% of the local media is owned by one "corporate body" with a powerful 'conservative head". It is an invaluable ally and the current arrangement is highly amicable. The morons know they would be shredded to pieces otherwise. Indeed, it is the scariest alliance for any state, particularly for a democracy. The morons however are only puppets. The puppeteers behind the stage set the scene and the puppets dangle along, as it is in their interest. But the public gets screwed, paying for a bad performance. Though the theme of "saving lives" does not work in this scenario. Instead, another as manipulative works well: "Down with Facebook! We are in power, not them!" Never mind that the morons only do other's dirty work. With the media's help and propaganda they will always find enough dummies voting for them at the next election.
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