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TOPIC: Deceptive claims by media or scientists?

Deceptive claims by media or scientists? 4 weeks 1 day ago #446

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A recent media release (originating from the Australian platform "") had the headline: "How scientists know the corona virus came from bats and wasn't made in a lab". Interesting read, but there is no evidence that the scientists actually do know. There is still too much talk about incidences, accidents, related opinions and, assumptions, which does not count as evidence or truth to the claim that scientists know. The lay person may be impressed by the science involved and discussed, but the conclusions still are not evidence or proof of having cracked the mystery. Not even the mystery why any virus is jumping species! A zoonosis is not the same as a species jumping virus and besides all that, who says that labs have no animals to be used in their work for scientific exploration of a (or any) virus? The opposite is true. Particularly medical science relies on test animals, (to the horror for the sake of science). It means the bats could be lab bats, couldn't they? Therefore this article has a deceptive connotation by claiming scientists know when they actually do not and cannot know where the COVID19 really came from. Sorry! Conspiracy theories will not go away when hard evidence is lacking and only the most stubborn or delusional will cling on to their believes no matter what. As long as science cannot do better than what this article in question conveys suspicions will remain, rightfully so, I may say. To try to proof a point when it cannot be proven or disproven actually is oil on fire and one really needs to ask, why scientists would have an interest in buying into such discussions, when the simple truth is far more helpful. There is no shame in not knowing, but shame in pretending. And science is indeed supposed to be above that. At least that is how I like to see science, ethical and unbiased, keen on finding the truth, not in insisting they have, when they have not. Or is there a hidden agenda?????? By whom and why? Hallow conspiracy!!!!!!!
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