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TOPIC: Seriously, no joke!

Seriously, no joke! 1 week 6 days ago #435

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You think you heard it all, but no, stupidity has no end as far as Scott, the Moron and his cronies go. Their road map for Australia's future economy is emphasising on gas as the main focus to fuel the "future clean energy" projects. Gas? Future of clean energy, like hydrogen? What morons! This is more than just an ignorant PM, who obviously does not know that gas releases more methane than any of the fossil fuels, which is even more damaging than CO2 pushing climate change into worse scenario than it already is. However, if he does know, then he is not just a moron but a criminal knowingly destroying not only Australia's future as a liveable country but hastening the global demise too. What kind of people are these morons to believe that hydrogen will safe the planet? Do they have no brain at all, seriously? Lying his gut out by claiming he wants Australia to get green and rich, while the road to this future is the hell already he thinks he can avoid. Earning him a place in history for being such a clever leader? I am so sick of having these kind of humans around me that my wish is indeed they burn in the hell they create. If there is any history for these morons to be kept for any future reference it won't be what they think it is. Unfortunately, the history books will burn too. In this case this is rather sad, because there should be a warning for anything alive in future that humans like these brainless morons should never ever be in a position of power because they do not know how to handle it and, will always destroy what could without them bloom rich and diversify. I feel like Jesus who turned over the tables in the temple in rage over the Pharisees. Though, what did he get in return after all? The cross to be crucified on! I may not be Jesus, but we all will be crucified with morons in power like we have got.
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