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TOPIC: Undisclosed danger of COV19

Undisclosed danger of COV19 1 month 15 hours ago #429

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To all who have not yet caught the virus, please, please listen to your leaders, because they really know what they are talking about. And in their wisdom they have not disclosed how dangerous this virus really is, because they do not want you to panic. How wrong was I in not believing when told, this virus was deadly dangerous. Fortunately, the government and Scott, the Moron, have prevented us from the worst. Though he wants to flatten now the curve of unemployment, I worry now that this is really, really too dangerous as yet. At least, he is mindful not to rush it, and I am so glad, because I could really catch this virus and no way do I want that, since a very reliable source revealed to me how dangerous this virus really is. No, I cannot reveal the source, because it would be against the rules of the state who wants to guide simple folks through the crisis without too much damage, but I cannot hold back on warning you, who is still not infected, because it is such a dangerous virus and you would not know ever when you actually got it, how dangerous it is. What is does is not just destroying your lungs, in fact, it destroys your brain and turns you into a zombie. Yes, you read correctly, zombie! Though many of our people may have been brain dead before the virus actually appeared, but with this virus now rampant, all of us are under attack and though the government has successfully flattened the curve with our help, motivating us by showing us how much it cares, it now is worried that people don't work and that is in itself a real concern as it gets no taxes and the state could not survive for much longer. So please, please for your own sake, follow their advice, get the app to have you traced in your movement as it is so much easier to keep control and you don't become the zombie, which after all would make you useless to do some intelligent work. The brainless zombies are good enough to do menial work, for that no brain is better anyway, but there is at least some requirement to keep some brains going and it should be you, who has not been that brainless to start with. We are needed and Scott, the Moron in his wisdom has recognized that and is really working hard not to get us infected, but also to get the economy back into working mode. So please mind this warning, the danger of this virus is as real as I am, Femina, the very concerned citizen, who has obviously been so wrong and is now regretting to have not appreciated the government's protective stance to save us folks from this really extremely and deadly dangerous COV19 . Scotti even praised us for our behaviour and to reward us he will get some of eateries and watering holes to open their doors. Truly appreciated, my Godfather, but I better stay away, because I really really don't want to become a zombie and neither should you, dear reader. We are worth it and can take care of ourselves too, can't we?.
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