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TOPIC: Stupid, stupid and more stupid!

Stupid, stupid and more stupid! 1 month 3 weeks ago #384

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I am not talking about people who lack intelligence by nature. They need to be cared for by the ones with more capabilities. I am talking about humans with intact cognitive functioning, though not good enough for implementing it on a wider scale. Like some stupid farmers who lost their homes and incomes in the recent devastating bushfires. They want to sue the government for negligence of not backburning enough to prevent bushfires? What a joke, but please sue and sue them for the drought too! However, backburns get out of hand when the conditions are not right! This happened already and the community who got burnt then was not impressed by these overzealous morons lacking the know-how of when and how it actually can be done. Of course, if there is no bush left, there won't be bushfires. But then you have no farming land either you morons, just read up what vegetation does for your livelihood! And then we have this stupid Trump who wants to plant heaps of trees, because he is such an environmentalist, ha, ha! Well, he is just another moron, with no clue that just planting trees is not the answer and, sure not while still blowing gases into the atmosphere from industry and farming. Remember, all (decomposing) organic matter, including trees, cause green house emissions. Balance mate, balance you need to keep the world and its life going! And then we have this stupid people who think their livelihood is at risk, when mining pits for coal, gas, whatever, close. You morons! This view of what you may loose now is nothing of what you and the next generations will loose later. Taking out and not putting in, no banc account can survive that. But probably you don't care, as you will be dead and your kids can curse you as much as they like, you won't hear them, or will you? Human kind an intelligent species? Not really! It is just a clever life form, that has outwitted other life forms. But it is not intelligent enough to actually survive and evolve further. A creature that ruins the world it lives in is less smart then the simple locust that eats everything up but can move on. Humans however cannot move on. Planet Earth is it. Then we have the ones who are indeed intelligent enough but lack compassion and insight. They have taken over to rule this world as it serves them. Never mind the rest! It's fodder for their insatiable appetite. As true omnivores, they eat all and everything and, don't be fooled, cannibalism has only changed its appearance. No longer do we eat another human a such, nor do we sacrifice them in rituals, but killing and devouring them still goes, just in less direct ways and under the mantle of economics and profit and exploitation. The greedy stuff themselves on animals raised in cruel farms, they feed on humans in poor working conditions, eat fruit that is sprayed or genetically modified, killing insects, including bees. You tell me, if that is not the most ugly and ferocious creature on Earth, or elsewhere? In a world removed from nature even hunger has changed its appearance. It's now for money, which cannot be eaten, thus keeping you hungry and distracting you from the fact that life, including human life, is still sacrificed and eaten up, by other humans which are just plain evil. The rest of us, sorry to say, is just stupid, stupid as in victims and more stupid as anxious bystanders.
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