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TOPIC: Sour relationships

Sour relationships 1 month 4 weeks ago #382

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Ever tried to change your partner because the relationship does not fulfil your expectations, or because it is an abusive one and more or less dysfunctional? Well, as much as you may try, there is no way, you can change your partner. But you can change your relationship by changing yourself, at least you can stop what you have been willing to put up with. So! If you can change your world, you can change the big one too. No, not by "taming" nature, just how you live with either. Relationships, politics, life style, all is changeable, though not by insisting on them to adhere to your specifications, it is enough if you actually live to yours. Because, if you did, you would not have a reason to desire a change. It means, you do not have to put up with a frustrating partner who does not care how you feel and you definitely would not put up with any abuse from him. Nor would you put up with politicians, who serve themselves not the community. But it is not the other, whom you can change. It can only be you, your own attitude that will make the difference. By not accepting a foul relationship, in fact, you change the world. Never mind, what the other does, right or wrong. Never mind, if there are not enough people to make it to your cut. Care for your own ability to live according to your own standards, because in the end, that is really all you can (and should) do. Of course, the success of this mantra is most eminent in a one on one relationship, because, if your partner does not want a change as it does not suit him to have to share responsibilities for a functional and happy relationship, good riddance I say. He may become even more abusive and better you leave before you come to harm, but once again, good riddance, he does not deserve you anyway. You deserve respect, but you have to respect yourself first. Changing the world is a bit more tricky. Yes, you may find it difficult to vote for any of the current parties, because none of them are of true leadership quality, but you still can encourage new parties to form that do serve communal interests. However, it is you to bring about change. And yes, you can also adjust your life style to one that is sustainable, takes care of animals and environment. No need to say good bye to modern comfort, it only means an end to waste and exploitation. You say, it (you) won't make any difference when others do not come along to do the same? Sorry! Only because others do not what should be done, is no excuse for you. Of course, you cannot change them, but never tell me, because others continue with their wrong ways you should do the same. Rather tell me that you do as good as you can, no matter what others do. This is in fact the only thing you need to do and it will change the world. Your voice, your attitude, your willingness to alter your ways will bring an opportunity for the happiness you seek: a nicer partner and better relationship, a better life within your neighbourhood and, a sustainable future for your children in a healthy world to live in. You say, I am a dreamer? Never mind, I rather be that than a perpetrator. But, only because your effort does not seem to be enough to bring about the change you desire, doing your best gives you at least a chance to find what you are looking for. If you don't, you have no chance at all.
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