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TOPIC: No surprises.

No surprises. 8 months 4 days ago #380

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It may be lost energy to write about the scum of society, because no matter what is discovered on corruption, brutality, disregard for life and the blunt lying, cheating and flaunting of power by the ruling parties all over this world and specifically that of Australia, which is my home at present, the saga goes on. Here, new evidence of animals suffering and dying, on ships not even equipped for such transports, have come to light again and as we had before. But is it a surprise? Of course not! It was clear from the moment the government approved the transports to be reinstated, after concocting some flimsy adjustments, not even worth the paper they were written on. Fires are still burning, new problems arising with storms drenching earth, hail thrashings and heat still continuing in most places, but does the government do more than provide lip service to the public and doctoring figures to appease the world regarding its emission policies, despite its unrepentance to truly do something meaningful about the looming disaster that threatens all life on this planet, not just here, where animals vanished in exorbitant numbers in the fires and still do in the aftermath? Not even now has the government anything intelligent to say! It is business as usual and all seem to be satisfied. Holocaust? What is that? Nazis coming into power and the public stands by? No matter in what guises these criminals come, they are the expression of evil 'par excellance' and as it was before, at least it seems, the majority is cheering. No! This is not a world I think worth saving. It is Gotham and since there is no batman, to fight the crime, this world and its cruel civilisations deserve what is coming. The sooner the better, to put an end to this tragedy. It breaks my heart to see this beautiful blue planet having to shake off life that it sustained in all its wonderful varieties. But if the blue planet does not do so now, it may even be death to the planet itself. These species of mankind needs to be eradicated, before Earth becomes another Mars. All the pain that comes with seeing innocent life suffering, it is of no surprise either that I find it harder and harder to keep my spirit alive, because not a day passes that I am not confronted with acts of cruelty for which man is responsible, on a personal level, or big scale. A friend of mine, a Buddhist, once sad, when disaster struck her community, - its karma, they probably deserved what they were put through. Well, it may help to find solace in believing that past sins find after all their rightful punishment, but I do not agree that anything or anyone deserves to suffer through the hand of man. Yes, the evil perpetrator(s) must be stopped in their tracks and not allowed to inflict harm, but you can do that by ousting him/them, keeping them at bay. According to the Bible, God did so with Lucifer. He ousted Lucifer and battles him since, to keep him away from his domain. Because let us be clear about one thing, evil is part of life, and, it is up to us to never let evil rule. However, since humans have turned into this evil brood, let us face this too: this is what you get, when evil rules. The only solace I find, was and is nature, even when void of all the beauty, it still is nature in which I trust. She will take care of the cleansing that needs to be done. After all, the balance necessary for life to blossom, Mother Nature must restore. But first, the species that causes the problems needs to go and, since we have not been able to get rid of Scott, the Moron and his equally foul comrades, here and everywhere, Mother Nature must do the cleansing for us.
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