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TOPIC: When anger boils over,

When anger boils over, 1 year 6 months ago #376

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reason will not be enough to keep a lid on the pot. No matter how hard you may try keep your cool, when a certain point is reached, there are really only 2 ways to get rid of the pressure that has been building up. One is to let the lid fly and find relief in the explosion, releasing your steam without even considering the damage it may cause to things in the way. Or, the other is an implosion, where you in your kindness never let the lid fly nor the pot explode, but burn up what is inside until nothing is left, not even the pot, because heat and pressure have incinerated it, without leaving a trace. Being torn between the two options means, the point of no return is still not reached, giving you still time to make a decision which way to go. The outcome however, will be the same for any of your choices, you burn this way or the other.
So what's the point, why bother when there is no difference for you, the pot? Depending on what gets the pot boiling in the first place. If it is the unhindered destruction of our beautiful planet by outright criminal minds and psychopaths, clearly you don't want to destroy the world, just get rid of the perpetrators. But neither, explosion or implosion, are of significance, or consequence. You and the world will die all the same. Does that mean, your anger makes you to a villain too? Collateral damage to the innocent in an explosion is unfortunately unavoidable. The fanatics may call it martyrdom, dying for the course. Well, then implosion may be indeed the better choice, as it sets you apart from criminal minds and fanatics, doesn't it? But martyrdom it is once again, though this time just for you. It is a dilemma that bugs me, particularly because I know that your martyr does not touch the unscrupulous anyway.
For now, I think, I just have to ride out the emotions, wherever it takes me. I just need to turn off the news and TV, not to hear or see anything from Scott, the Moron, who unfortunately is also a liar and cheat. And anyone who believes his waffling and empty rhetoric is not better than him. That includes the media who tiptoes around these autocrats of politicians as if they were afraid of being sent to the Gulag. What else could keep them from standing up for the truth! Then again, most of the media is already in the hands of the power brokers and employees are chosen accordingly. The plot deepens, would you not agree?
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