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TOPIC: Encountering love.....

Encountering love..... 1 year 6 months ago #372

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was the most striking feature in the township just ravaged by fires and people thrown together in the horrifying circumstance of seeking refuge in the only remaining safe zone, while around them hell was raging. It was the most outstanding observation for a rescue official when interviewed, while co-ordinating the evacuation of the hundreds of stranded people after the blaze had passt. He was obviously touched how love had given devastation another meaning, with people helping each other in ways and to the extant of their own stretched resources, be that physically or mentally, the spirit of love pervaded it all.
Seems it needs disaster to make people aware of what really counts in life and for life. Love is the most important ingredient of all. Love binds us, love helps us, love makes things grow, love is all you need. Not only the Beatles sang that so nicely, Jesus was preaching it, the Dalai Lama does it now and everyone with common sense, knows it. Love is the elixir of live. So why do we need disasters to bring that inherent part of our own personal make-up out of the closet to shine? The answer is simple: Because we are so pre-occupied with things that seem far more important than they actually are. It does not matter, how rich or poor one is on material things, how hard it is to secure your own as your families survival, if you let love be part of your life, nothing is in fact a problem, because you tend to your garden, to your animals, to your world in a caring way that assures you and all have always enough to live on and prosper in a peaceful and harmonious relationship with nature, community and your inner universe. Our world, the planet on the brink of ruins, is of our making, because intelligence without love inevitably leads to destruction. Without love life nothing prospers. Only with it can you have progress and reach the zenith of potential, as a person, as well as the human species, because managing the resources with care and love, not exploit them, will ensure the success. Not possible you say, because humans are incapable of sticking to the rules of reason, only profit and their own personal wellbeing counts. Well that is true for the humans now ruling the world, their evil spirit obviously has taken over a long time ago, infiltrated slowly and covertly every corner of the world and now running untamed as their bullying tactics and ruthlessness succeed in a shameless manner, suffocating love as soon as it lifts its head. But never forget, "good and evil" are part of everything (as pointed out in our article on that subject). It is up to the individual, the drop in the ocean that dictates what kind of society and civilisation we are. Love may not seem to be a suitable tool for a ruler, a politician, a teacher or anyone in a leadership position, but in fact it is. It makes a leader a great leader, a king a great king, a father a loving family man, women of course as well in their role as matriarchs. A prime minister giving lip service but showing no love in any of his actions, is not fit for power, it consumes him. So yes, love counts. Therefore, let there be love without having to go through disaster.
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