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TOPIC: And there is this judge who......

And there is this judge who...... 1 year 7 months ago #364

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…..ruled that stoning the wombat (being filmed and shown on TV to the disgust of many viewers), was no offence of animal cruelty, because the hunters were aboriginals and it was their traditional way of hunting these animals down. Well, interesting! The video showed also that this brutal stoning of the animal was done by pursuing it and stoning it from a car. So much for traditional hunting you disgrace of a judge, (splitting hair, but certainly not the atom!). Where did you get your degree from, - no aboriginal drove a car when the whites invaded. In fact, the whites at that time considered the aboriginal as stone age creatures whom they found quite reasonable to shoot down with their guns as they got in their way. But not even the whites had a car for their hunt. Now let us just look at tradition: Not everything that is customary is worthwhile to keep on doing, isn't it? Some of it may be, but certainly shooting aboriginals, or stoning wombats to death is not something that should be held in high regards and hailed as a worthy tradition, particularly not, when it is not even done according to a true tradition. However, if aboriginals want to hunt the traditional way, then at least insist, they do so by foot, as this is the full story of their traditional hunt. And this judge should actually be removed from his post because justice in his court can never happen as he obviously sees only half of what is necessary to base his conclusions on. Well, does it not just confirm once again, that justice is not found in the courtroom. The perpetrators go free and the victims suffer, or are dead anyway. It does not matter if the victim is a wombat or a human being, with judges, who twist and turn the law to their vision of truth, justice has no chance.
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