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TOPIC: Micro cosmos - Macro cosmos

Micro cosmos - Macro cosmos 1 year 7 months ago #357

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By now everybody is probably aware of the connection between these two. Therefore nothing more needs to be said about it. But not everybody would be familiar with the "Butterfly Effect", meaning, even one flap of the wings of a butterfly in one corner of the world, can have detrimental effect somewhere far, far away, at the other side of the world. No, this is no joke, it is science! Please google it, if you don't believe my word.
Why choosing such a topic ? Because it is worthwhile to illustrate the point through a situation I am caught in. With my two neighbours in fact, left and right to me, one an active Christian, the other an educated professional (worse, a psychiatrist). Sure, neighbours can be a nightmare to begin with. Mine are not like that. Their character and their attitudes seem to be quite nice, on the surface anyway. But as I mentioned in a blog before, truth always comes to light.
Since a dispute has arisen between us about an issue that involves of course money, being owed to me by them from a project they consented to, in writing, mind you. The project, to be fair, was driven by me, but it was to the benefit of all of us three, more necessary for me than for them, but beneficial never the less. It meant of course that I was doing the "hard yakka" and even paid up front for all the cost, being reassured by them that I would be reimbursed for their share when the job was finished.
However, asking for reimbursement as the job is done, I am met with their refusal to pay.
The reason for their disdain is a (minor) cost arising in the process of work to which they gave consent. Obviously nobody bothered to read the fine print, except me, who but did not believe there were other costs. Not the best way obviously as it is not much different than writing out a blank cheque.
And voila, it is now enough for my two neighbours, to treat me as if I wanted to rip them off. The hostility is actually profound and the type of interaction resembles bullying and shows, at least verbally, a lack of respect to the point of abuse. There is blunt denial as to what their responsibility is to pay their share of the cost for the job done. Besides, I never withheld information from them during the work in progress.
Well, to get my money now is only through the courts. However, I have little trust in the legal system. Often enough the effort to find justice is not worth the effort or the money you lose in the first place. As is probably the case here. But it shows very clearly, why our planet is in trouble and the human species is in demise. These two neighbours are greedy, making a gain at my cost, as small or big as it may be, they add value to their property but are blaming me, for being the greedy one, despite the evidence showing who is. What can I say?
The church goer is the hypocrite, the professional the bully. Both feel no shame to put a fake diamond into their crown for a victory that is nothing but loss, because, though I will stand up for my right, no matter to what outcome, the damage is done. Out of greed and false righteousness they exchange a friendly neighbourhood for one of disharmony. However, people get killed, literally, for less money, than what is at stake here. So I am still lucky, isn't it?. But it confirms the theme of the blog: The world is full with people like my two neighbours (and worse). It is only a matter of scale and perspective. As it is in the neighbourhood (micro cosmos), so it is globally (macro cosmos), and the flap of a butterfly's wing has indeed a deadly effect.
Micro cosmos, macro cosmos, linked together and one as the other. And what appears a negligible ripple, it tears the fabric of something valuable apart. Neighbourhood in trouble? So is planet Earth!
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