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TOPIC: Does the human species deserve to propagate?

Does the human species deserve to propagate? 8 months 3 weeks ago #355

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Sadly, the answer is no. Not the way it does to the detriment of everything else. Here are just 3 examples for such a conclusion:
*The claim of the gas industry that gas is the cleanest energy source and "green" as can be (article in the recent Sunday papers). Therefore, any government deciding to pursue new fields to be explored and opened up, was in the interest of the public!!!!!!!
*The misleading article about European cars having faulty emission filters getting bust all the time, a costly matter for the many diesel 4wheel drive enthusiasts,(in Australien conditions). Though the article mentioned that these filters actually do their job, it still insisted that a faulty production was to blame, when in fact it is the dirty diesel clogging the filters. Besides, even cleaner diesel is not a clean or green energy and is no good for the environment at any time.
*A woman, a victim of the recent bushfires having just lost her home, stating in an interview that she was not interested in what caused the fire, just wanting help and reassurance from the government that there was appropriate management in place that would prevent such calamities. Well, she sure was in no situation to be political at this stage, but her statement is still alarming, for her sake and the rest of us.
SO! Here we go:
An industry blatantly lying to the public in their pursuit of business, despite knowing all to well that methane is one of the worst offenders of green house gas emissions by hanging around far longer in the atmosphere than CO2, though both of course have a global and detrimental effect on our planet and its life.
Blame games being played out with tactics of manipulation to lead away from the real culprit, once again in the interest of an industry, not the public, by pointing the finger to European car "faults", when in fact far too dirty diesel is sold to the unsuspecting consumer.
And then we have this poor woman, still in shock over her experience and her loss, who, though understandable at this point in time, does not care anyway, why things are happening the way they do. Well, sadly, if one is not interested in finding the causes of disaster, this one or any, you only get what you deserve, - one disaster after the other, but naively expecting, as in this case, that the government should and will take care of your business to protect you from harm.
Now! A species devouring its own resources without regard to its future, is destined to self destruct. But a species doing so on purpose with lying and cheating and out of pure laziness to take responsibility for its own destiny, is by far the worst kind and certainly does not deserve to carry on. Mind you, the voices of reason are getting louder, but they are unlikely to succeed with millions listening to ruthless manipulators. Do these manipulators actually believe they can escape the grave? No, of course not. They just delight in their evil ways for the sake of their evil minds. Their happiness is to get their way at any cost for their own and only gain! But look around where it leads to! A world where you cannot breath, a world that is not worth living in and finally a world where you won't be able to. You doubt that? Ask the woman who just lost her livelihood, if living with and through bushfires is something desirable. And that is just one of many miseries, with many more to come.
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