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TOPIC: What do you get when....

What do you get when.... 10 months 4 weeks ago #347

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….a politician cuddles up with Trump, bows over to the Chinese and embraces whole heartedly the industrial lobby? One whose style of leadership imitates that of an inconsiderate bully, sells out his country and people to a nation that could not care less about human rights or anything else but world domination and, obliges money wheelers and dealers without any thought of what their exploits mean to life on our planet? Well, you get a SCO-MO, a "Seriously Corrupted Oligarch of Malfunctioning Overinflated" ego, who has become the victim of the power his position gives him and which in fact has corrupted his naive and underdeveloped mind. It is someone who believes he is more than just a puppet in the world's power games. He even wants to introduce a bill against people protesting against unreasonable decisions he and his cronies make in the interest of short term money schemes that benefit the industries and rich and sell short the rest of the population and the future of his country and overall, this world. Or is it someone whose true colours are emerging after having smelled power, or someone who always was a pretender and never really the caring humble Christian who has the wellbeing of his kind and folk at heart? Now feeling validated by power brokers and bullies, he can side with the best of them, believing his position gives him the right to cut down on democratic rights and push through agendas that he and his string masters believe in and everyone has to be happy with, because he says so having their "best interest" at heart? Hello, a new dictatorship is in its making, replacing democracy and freedom of its people, and all that getting by unnoticed because the public is so easily fooled by this kind of "strong leadership". Never mind that this in fact is manipulated by the ones in the background seeking nothing but world domination. Howling with the wolves? Mind you, none of it is to the benefit of peaceful societies living in harmony on this beautiful planet that belongs to all of us. Poor children, your future is bleak indeed..
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