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TOPIC: David Attenborough and his commentary.....

David Attenborough and his commentary..... 1 year 10 months ago #333

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….on climate change, which was on TV last night, was as sweet and passionate as always, but sorry, Sir, it was, though interesting with various facts summarised what it means for the future of our planet, it lacked the brutality of the true extent. Looking at the laws of physics that apply to nature, the final point of return, the tipping point, has indeed been reached. It is not 5 to twelve, it is 12 o'clock. If humans and at least some other creatures should have a chance to survive, the whole world would have to act. But looking at the politics of governments and societies, it speaks against all hope there is. Ecosystems cannot be restored because repairs take place here and there. It warrants action everywhere. And with billions of people on this planet unified actions are unlikely, so please, anyone, tell me otherwise! Greed and disregard for life has been the driving force for the disaster in waiting and is unfortunately part of everyone's "make-up". While some are able to control their inner demons, most are not. Religious teachings have been holding truths but have never been able to instil true insights on a large scale. The opposite! For religious reasons people fight wars!. Sorry, Sir Attenborough, I wished I could agree with you that there is hope for humans and life as we know it. There is not! Humans are an evolutionary failure. Evolution of course will not stop. There is at least some hope for the next intelligent life forms that will undoubtedly develop, but intelligence without compassion will never make for a successful outcome and history may repeat itself. For now it is for planet Earth back to the stage where plants and algae will have a lot to feed on and bacteria can strive until the next cycle of multicellular beings may start to develop again. At least that is what I hope for. The blue planet should not die as yet. The sun is still good for another few years and as long as Earth still holds an atmosphere, without the current human kind, it may become a paradise again that holds its equilibrium for life to strive.
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