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TOPIC: Getting in the way......

Getting in the way...... 1 year 3 months ago #323

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…..of a frustrated and angry person is never pleasant, but when this is a female lady ranger smacking you with a parking ticket of $100 for a parking offence when stopping for a few minutes in a post office parking bay, is infuriating. Yes, it was for post vehicles only, but it was the week-end and I knew there would be no such vehicle in service at that day ever. Yes I just wanted to retrieve my mail from the PO Box right over the foot path of it, but to be treated like an offender of substantial significance was something else. Honestly, the punishment did not fit the crime and I cannot easily swallow the officer's attitude. In fact, I would have liked to "bite her head of".
Interestingly, when she approached my car, me just wanting to drive off, I did not know that she was a ranger, but I was somehow struck by her appearance thinking to myself ' Oh my, this lady looks angry. I wonder what got her into such an angry mood?' And then she holds up a camera directed at me and shooting off like crazy. Still unsuspecting I asked what she was doing. Well, the anger poured out of her as if a lid had been blown off a pressure cooker.
Three things stick in my head since: 1) Her frustration spread full force onto me like wildfire. 2) That this officer was very much victimising me, in fact she was misusing her authority by an inexcusable attitude towards me the unsuspecting yet "naughty" person and though her being in the right and me being in the wrong, the attitude towards me was a disgrace. 3) Though I did not argue with her, knowing that this would get me nowhere, I did try to defend myself when I asked her what the ticket would cost me and hearing the figure, it blew my mind.
Lesson learnt! The power was on her side. I was her victim to let off steam for whatever she had had to put up with. I, the little offender was punished more than just rightfully.
I know, this officer would not bark against someone she considers important. She probably licks their boots, particularly when they have power she does not have. And no, I am not inclined to bottle up the frustration she instilled in me. I rather reflect it out of me as an exercise for public scrutiny and an example of arbitrariness. If she had been in a good mood, she may not even have fined me. How do I know that? Because close by a car was parked at a hydrant, no parking at all times. But she did not pursue that one. She drove off in her ranger car without taking notice, obviously satisfied that one person was just in the right spot at the right time to let her get rid off her frustrations.
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