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TOPIC: Selling out assets

Selling out assets 1 year 4 months ago #303

  • femina
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In this case it is the natural asset of Rockingham Beach in WA. Recently awarded for its beauty and value to the public the plan for destruction have been brewing for a while but now it is for certain because council is determined to give boaties a safe heaven for their boats and "revitalize" the foreshore with commercial venues under the pretence of adding value to it and create income to the benefit of all. The Lord Mayor recently expressing his opinion in a meeting with a small interest group that wants to have a say in the proposed development. Unfortunately, I was appalled in what he had to say and sadly only two or three others were too. What he said, summarized in short that there was a need for a marina (with 400 berths smack bang in the middle of the bay) to give boat owners a safe haven for their boats to prevent seasonal storm damage to their precious possession.
The parking spaces, originally a stumbling block for the marina plan have now been solved with the developer paying for at least the immidiate requirement in lieu with council who is keen to work together with him as the project was essential for the future of Rockingham City, bringing a lot of tourism and further development, all in the interest of the public.
It will all be done as swiftly as possible, deferring responsibility for the impact on traffic including parking concerns in the future, raised by one listener, literally stating that it was important to solve the current problems and the ones in future arising would be, well, the concern of others, (in the future).
So the conclusion, according to his "majesty" is:
Let us sell natural beauty now and help the developer to go ahead before anyone realizes what blunder they make for short term monetary and prestigious gain in the interest of a few. It does not matter that the beauty will not exist after the development and that the public will have a lot of shops and commerce instead, and parking and traffic issues to solve, which will then not be his or current council's responsibilities (obviously none of them will be in their position) and thus nobody will pay for the mistakes made, except the public, not only by losing a perfect environment for their recreation and well-being as well as tourists who come for a unique environment not shops and traffic jams without viable parking. But the boaties have a safe harbor for their vessels and they can escape the crowds on the confined left over beach areas by going out to the open sea. That's the privilege of having money, probably made by the destruction they caused in the first place.
Another disgusting news was that the developer already intends to sell the project to someone else and as the trend is, it will be sold to a Chinese bidder, keen to get as much of Australian soil as possible. Nobody can tell me that this not a concern!
But and now I come to the saddest part of it, the majority of the people in the meeting were all for the marina and development. Well, as depressing as this observation is, this public deserves the irresponsible council and the death of their bay. May they choke on it as the beautiful creatures will that currently inhabit the bay. For them my heart bleeds and I wished I could prevent it to happen but the "intelligent human race" has no love and foresight and thus cannot be helped. Our beautiful planet suffers from cancer.. Globalisation is just another name for its dissemination and no matter what, it is too far spread to actually hold it, not even by radical intervention (like surgery). Nature is needed to eradicate it.
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Selling out assets 1 year 4 months ago #306

  • hashishi
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I'm so sorry!
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