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TOPIC: Good intentions, dirty deeds

Good intentions, dirty deeds 4 months 2 weeks ago #558

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Sadly, purpose does not always justify the means. Or you may say, a hammer is a good tool, except you use it on your head. Why then do some people think they should save the planet by killing off its life, (including humans)? Hm! I do not believe any of their "good intentions". Obviously, what they really want is to save themselves, not others or anything else.
But who are "they"? Well, "they" are the superrich, the globalists and, in particular, the string masters hidden behind the veil of secret organisations the public knows little about. These people may be convinced and persuade others that what "they" want is the right thing to do, but sacrificing all for the 'good of the planet'? Whom are they deceiving here? Not just the public! In fact, they are deluded, put kindly, if not evil, put harshly. Of course, there is no way they do not know right from wrong! Even if they suffer a mental problem, it does not excuse their actions. They know exactly what they are doing, because they have planned it, organized it and now execute it meticulously. These people do not even pretend to consider human life, or any other. They do not think it as worthy enough to be saved. What they want is the planet for themselves, making it their home only, their resource entirely, for their life and goals; ruling unchallenged, regardless whatever way of life they want to live. The planet provides for us all, and more than they ever need, particularly when they no longer have to share it with 'useless' hungry mouths to feed.
Unfortunately, there is a point to make, and it is not pretty: In this time of urgencey, after the planet has been ravaged and the threat of extinction is real if man's attitude does not change, the easiest solution is to get rid of humans since there are too many and they are disposable. And, since they do not grasp what these pretend leaders preach and do, it is easily done. Most humans gladly obey, indoctrinated by these hideous characters, for whom they have been and still are, 'canon fodder'. But, the victims themselves do not care for life either. They are not better than the delusional tyrants, because they generally are too lazy, too ignorant, too irresponsible and, in fact, do not want responsibility. Therefore, the majority of humans have indeed no more value than parasites and thus should be eradicated. This is at least the logic of some twisted minds and, it is not without its merits. We would not have pesticides, insectisides and cull animals to protect crops if we didn't think so! Never mind that the logic is flawed (another topic), the tragedy is, that not all humans are a mindless lot, thus, freedom and democracy have to be defended, or they count as collateral damage in the sweep of cleaning the useless out!
Needless to say, the plans will not turn out for the criminal mob as they think they ought to. Hedging the nesteggs within AI is no testimony of superior intelligence either, rather the opposite. I personally do not like to share the planet with these self elected or self 'chosen' minds for they cause so much pain and, it gives me no comfort to know what awaits them, because too much life is wasted and so much suffering has to be endured. However! Their life will not be a peaceful, nor a happy or fulfilling one. It will be something to avoid. But, Life will go on, and to fight for the good is a must. Even if it may seem unrewarding, compassion, love and respect for all that is,- the good is as eternal as evil and to chose it, will always give you the peace and happiness at heart that we all desire. It is a pillow to rest your head on. No evil action can give you that. I desperately hope I am wrong in my conclusions about humans, but no matter what they are or aren't, Life is worth all the effort, to make it a happy one, for all that lives.
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