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About...End of 2020 Council Meeting

Posted by on in General Ideas

What a year 2020 was! Though I personally cannot complain, except that I was too busy, the overall disasters were devastating and have far reaching consequences for us all.

Sozieterna’s council has met as usual to draw conclusions from the year gone by. Sadly we have to accept that all attempts to change course to bring back balance for the sake of life and the health of the whole planet are failing. The scale of positive and negative forces is out of range too much, with too much weight on the negative side, it can no longer be corrected. 

All of us agree, that the human kind has not enough intelligence to ensure it could reach its full potential. The little bit of intelligence it has is not oriented towards growth. It has no insightful reasoning, no interest, nor any wish to survive, it is but on the course of self-destruction, inevitably so and sadly everything else dies with it. 

2020 saw the wrath of nature unfolding, but what does man do? Nothing, nothing that is constructive, but plenty more of devastating actions. Politicians, governments are only the outcrop of a race that is doomed. In moral terminology, evil has taken over and indulges in destruction for personal gain. Now it has become so strong it does not even need to hide anymore. Such branch of life, we call human, is unsustainable for it eats all up until nothing is left. It does not even seem to understand that escape is not an option. Living on the moon, Mars or wherever in the universe? Good luck! These are no places of plenty that Earth once was before humans destroyed it.

But such is the way it goes when the balance, the “ph” of life is not maintained within a reasonable range. Sozieterna knows, there will be other chances to bring something new and more capable into the world of matter and time, to not only survive but overcome the constraints of existence, however, it may not be on planet Earth. But the universe has enough scope to foster something special. One thing is certain, it is not our human kind. Having no regards for life, no love for it, having neither wisdom nor insight, and only delight in abuse of whatever is, it will never achieve something great. 

It also was totally ridiculous to listen to the slogans of governments during the corona virus pandemic. They want to save lives? What lives? They kill life without any hesitation, they don’t save any life. Well, they also killed democracy and guess what: between March and September there were in Australia 908 Corona Virus related deaths, but there were 2000 suicides. Are the ignorant politicians the evil force that ruins everything? Sorry, no! They are just part of that human kind that has not enough intelligence to let and make things prosper, or to travel the road to the ultimate goal that is the destiny of consciousness and to which all life is directed and strives for.

Our website was once again questioned, if it actually is worthwhile to keep it going. It does not make any difference to Sozieternas, but I may or should do as I like. Since I believe it serves a purpose, I will keep it going for as long as I get not tired of it. Of course, it is of interest only for some special minds who read not just for entertainment to gloss over the day. It gives something to think about, if you like it or not is not even important. Let me put it that way, to show what life is, or to tug on your heartstrings, or to get you enthralled by the characters of a novel or the thrill of fiction, this it is not the purpose of this site. But if you take your time and take a ride from one line to the next, then you have an open mind which will find the things worthwhile to ponder about. The speed-reader will get lost and the highly educated will find it too simple for their sophisticated way of thought, but what I want to achieve, by keeping the site open for all to browse, is important to me and it is not the accolades of the establishment, that’s a given. 

It would be of no interest for the reader to talk about what else council had to say or its intention or wishes for 2021. Sozieternas do as always whatever needs to be done as situations arise. Of course we are concerned, how can you not be concerned, but Sozieternas are a minority and there is no hope to make any difference on a global scale. But on the personal level their actions are important and they will always adhere to their principles and their pro-life stand. 

May our readers have a happy year and find solace in the power of love and, Mother Nature and, something for their minds on our website.              


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